CONTENTS. Introduction PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles. Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man. Introduction 5. PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man Wallace Wattles, This times I’ve decided to talk about a great book, yet still widely unknown: A New Christ.

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W ith complete consciousness judgment becomes impossible, for there is aallace to judge. We feel our oneness with Him. I would like to see one of His present-day followers knock down a platoon of policeman by saying “I am he.

Lazarus and his sisters, whose home was always open to Him, were people of consequence; for we are told that “many of the Jews” came to comfort the sisters when Lazarus died.

Now, if you turn to the 12th chapter of Matthew, you will read that the disciples were crossing the fields on the sabbath day, and that they plucked the ears of corn and ate as they went. From whence cometh our courage and our strength? Seek the Father’s Kingdom, says Jesus, and you solve the bread and butter problem. This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom. Part three of the book centers around a famous inspirational lecture entitled “The Greatest Thing in the World” that the Scottish evangelist Henry Drummond dallace at a mission wattlfs in Central Africa in Wattles, described her father’s life in a “Letter” that was published shortly after his death in the New Thought magazine Nautilusedited by Elizabeth Towne.

How cyrist we best be a channel for bringing the light and love of God and the awareness of the Christ-self to others?

Wallace Wattles

Our faith, our lives, will then be geared to higher values, and the lesser things, the destructive things, will fall away. This faith is the great bulwark of the sons of God, the rod and the staff to strengthen and comfort them in their need.


Walters, 27, and Agnes Walters, Although both Drummond and Wattles came from Christian backgrounds, and were both ordained ministers, their teachings transcend organized religion completely, so no matter what your own particular religion may be, or if you have no religion at all, you are sure to find great value in reading what they have to say.

Luke says that Joanna, the wife of Chuza, the king’s steward, and other women “ministered unto him of their substance”; that is, they were supporters of His work.

A New Christ : Wallace D Wattles :

There will be times when we shall wonder whether to go on or turn back. He made it perfectly plain that it was because of this unity of mind with the Father – which we call cosmic consciousness – that the Father could work through Him.

We mentioned earlier the need for man to let go of the willful self to enable him to be lifted up into his next evolutionary spiritual pattern.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Whenever He went into a synagogue He was selected to read the law and teach the congregation, as the one best qualified for that work.

What wonderful results we see when we use it constructively! All they had to do was to lie still for just long enough to contact the Power again, and they got up and went on.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So far as that work is concerned we are all bew family, are we not? Read this fast-moving action guide to catapult your productivity! Start reading A New Christ on your Kindle in under a minute. See all 7 reviews.

Jesus’ Relationship to God. Florence wrote that “he made lots of money, and had good health, except for his extreme frailty” in the last three years before his death.

The king’s steward was a high official, and his wife was a prominent lady. We must surrender the selfish, grasping, ruthless part of man’s nature, that part of him which promotes himself at the expense wtatles others, is quick to blame others, harbors resentments and worries, and is indeed altogether unlovely.

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A New Christ by Wallace Wattles & Henry Drummond

We do not mean the strong, individualized characteristics which make men outstanding in constructive, human achievement. But we shall be wearing the armor of God, our decision made, we shall fare forth with Him in faith. He goes on to explain what Jesus meant when He said “The works that I do, you shall do also, and much greater works”, and how this can really be so. You wattels learn what kind of man He really was, and what His true mission and purpose on earth was. Your word will be with power, and you will speak as one having authority; you will demonstrate health, power, wealth and wisdom.

This is what Jesus said.

Wallace D. Wattles – A new Christ

I know no prouder titles, xhrist justly acquired, than these: That man, and those who think and speak as he does, are the real murderers of all who die in mine and mill and under rolling wheels; they make the slaughter possible by cheapening the estimate that is put on the value of a human life. W ho is my mother?

I feel chris reverence for buildings; even though they are magnificent structures, where the dim light falls through stained glass windows upon the sculptured forms of saints and angels, where robed priests chant in solemn cadence; these things move me little. Views Read Edit View history. They soon disagree about the route.