PAUL BRUNTON A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA $ A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million. 14 Jul Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret India Year: Link download: This is the. Paul Brunton, thinking of a refreshing cup of tea, stepped through the doorway of his This scene is from Brunton’s A Search in Secret India, the page-turning.

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At the time this book was written, two important groups of mystics existed in India. He traveled and wandered all over India, without proper food and shelter, and interacted with faqueers, saints, Yogis, astrologers, magicians etc.

A Search In Secret India, The classic work on seeking a guru by Paul Brunton

Those clever people who profess to find Asiatic learning empty of useful thoughts for the West thereby prove their own emptiness. I delivered lectures and gave demonstrations to the Cairo Society, until its members appointed me as its President.

A Hermit in the Himalayas. If those thirty or more mysterious servitors of his really exist, then seaech is back in the medieval period when – assuming legend does not always lie – magicians flourished in every city of Europe, though often hindered in their dark work by Church and State.

I saw how transient and how shallow was earthly pleasure by comparison with the real happiness searh be found in this deeper Self. Two silken mandarin coats adorn both sides of the doorway.

I have begun to pay the inevitable price of acclimatization to the tropical world. I have borne witness in the book to other things also, things marvellous and weird.

Therefore I omit the tale of time wasted upon them. He shrugs his broad shoulders.

Paul Brunton

I gathered that the youth reached his a search in secret india by paul brunton in a dazed mental state, and that during the following eight months his mental faculties pro- gressively weakened until he became unable to study properly. It is also a good insight into just how much control, respect and power the English had in India at that time. The dawn of manhood, however, brings bonds in the form of other interests and holds his feet with enchaining duties.


Up and down India others – not many, but a very, very few – may be found. I would like to see the world and then return home to Egypt, if Allah permits. After he a search in secret india by paul brunton out of published writing and recorded bursts of flash insight on napkins, envelopes, and any odd scrap handy on his walks, and he later re-crafted those into private journals. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I will not reveal any more. I write a few lines, expressive of my desire, on the back of a visiting card and then, in the right-hand corner, I draw in tiny characters a certain symbol which will indicate that I am not unfamiliar with the traditional side of his mysterious art and which, I hope, may help me to obtain an interview. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

I go to Meher and bid him a polite farewell. A mosquito net hangs around my bed like a white shroud. I feel that it is time to plunge into deeper water. Brunton eventually learned to cook curry like a Madras master. It faces due south and receives the bright morning sunlight full into its interior. It possesses a bare gloomy interior, but contains an old bedstead without bedding, a ramshackle table and a chair which might have rendered good service during the Indian Mutiny.

A Search In Secret India: : Paul Brunton: Books

Sadguru means “perfect master,” while Baba is simply a term of affection in common use among some of the Indian peoples, and it is by this name alone that his disciples usually address him.

My eyes meet a small lacquered table which stands in one corner. He lights a joss stick and a blue haze rises to the ceiling. Not so; he desired to help the souls of ordinary people by thus catching pau, faith. Yet a search in secret india by paul brunton one in the hall seems a search in secret india by paul brunton stir; certainly no one dares to speak. His personality impresses me again as being provocatively interesting and decidedly attractive. The sure instinct of the human soul is to keep them withdrawn in the inmost recesses accessible to few – perhaps to none.

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He describes in detail the Yogis dedicated to spiritual growth and gives brief reviews of those focused on magic and egotism. For instance, there are thousands of wandering beggars who brunfon by this name. The verse in the Bhagavad Gita that mentions that to the Knower ineia day is brhnton night and the night is as day became literally true, and remains so.

Even when met with they are unlikely to break their reserve except after some period of acquaintance. View or edit your browsing history. The production of such sages provides India bruntn sufficient credentials to warrant attention from intelligent Westerners. You never mistake yourself for some other person; so I cannot mistake who I am.

A Search in Secret India

It is quite possible that he could not pass a matriculation examination, yet I am not ashamed to record in the closing chapters of this book my deep indebtedness to this man. This page was last edited on 4 Juneat Now you quote the classical authors who first mention this idea of man’s continual rebirth upon this earth.

This book is a genuine classic. On a holy hill in South India he found the Master he sought, and an overwhelming experience came to him there. It is an ancient building and harbours equally ancient books. Yes – I was alone with God.

Only in the most exceptional cases have Rishees ever been a search in secret india by paul brunton to do that. He finally finds the peace and tranquility which come with self-knowledge when he meets and studies with the great sage Sri Ramana Maharishi.

The accounts of the many things he witnessed are thrilling Analyse your entire personality. Mar 06, Mary-lou rated it it was amazing Shelves: A Searchfirst published in London inskyrocketed to popularity and has since soldcopies worldwide.

Within a few years I hear, seemingly by accident, of his death.