Looking for Aboakyer Festival? Find out information about Aboakyer Festival. Type of Holiday: Religious Date of Observation: First Saturday in May Where. Every May the people of the Ghanaian coastal town of Winneba celebrate their migration from Timbuktu with a traditional hunt, known as the Aboakyer festival. The Chiefs and People of Effutu Traditional Council have launched their Aboakyer festival to Mobilize funds to.

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Teddy Hayford Acquah acknowledged the significance of the festival and intimated MTN will continue to support festivals of this nature. The Effutu wanted to celebrate their arrival in a new land and were told by their priest, who had discussed the matter with the gods, that they would have to make an annual human sacrifice. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat What Happens at Aboakyer?

Meanwhile, the police have assured of the best security during the festive program. Winneba, southern coast of Ghana, West Africa When: Assemblies of God Church pastor stabbed to death. Transatlantic Slave Trade Special At the outset of the transatlantic Western Africa includes 4 shows From the old Slave Coast to the island Aboakyer Festival Aboakyir Type of Holiday: As tradition states, the migration of the people safely to the new land was guided by the god Penkye Otu.


Aboakyer festival: The deer hunters of Ghana

These elaborate structures are fascinating to see and often accompanied by priests who can break down the role and history of the particular company the shrine is dedicated to. First Saturday in May History: First Saturday in May Where Celebrated: Eventually a bush buck, which resembles a deer, replaced the leopard, which is why the annual ceremony is often referred to as the Deer-Hunting Festival.

That appeal resulted in the decision to accept a mature bushbuck. Many people have heard of our festival but because of the distance, they are unable to make it here. The Asafo elders play an important role in selecting new chiefs and act as advisers after a chief has been crowned.

How out-sourcing is changing corporate organizations today. Then they set out for the bush in opposite directions, and the first to return with a live deer is declared the winner.

VIDEO+PHOTOS: Aboakyir Festival 2017

By Jenna Colbourne image courtesy of: In return for this safe migration, Penkye Otu required a human sacrifice from the member of the royal family.

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The god accepted the deer in exchange for the human sacrifices. Replacement of a human sacrifice to a tribal god with deer hunting What happens: Nevertheless, the Tuafo white clan regardless the effort of the red team to fuel their battle, went into the forest since last night to capture the live deer.


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Eunice Poku Photo credit: With an incandescent passion matched only by her abundant ambition and prodigious talent, Ms. Following the main coast highway from Accra or Cape Coast, turn off at the Swedru junction, and follow the road until you reach Winneba. Click here for more photos.

People of Effutu to celebrate Aboakyer festival – Ghana Business News

The hunter who captures it carries it on his shoulder and returns in triumph with his group to the royal palace. Togolese woman dies onboard Metro Mass Transit December 31, The Aboakyir festival is a bushbuck hunting festival celebrated by the people of Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana.

Ghanaian sues British army for ‘failing to protect him’ from winter. Search Submit Advertisement Advertisement. The Aboakyer Festival, commonly known as the Deer-Hunting festival, is an annual festival that is celebrated on the first Saturday of May each year in the West African country, Ghana.

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