Reference Manual. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis ADAT- XT Digital Multitrack Tape Recorder. To take full advantage of the XT’s functions, . User manual for the device Alesis ADAT-XT. Online user manual database. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. Alesis ADAT-XT Recording Equipment User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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Page 12 Setting Up: The unit has been subjected to overly high humidity. Reading Adzt Display Chapter 4: The currently selectedmode may be determined by observing the peak meters themselves. Basic Audio Hookup Chapter 1: Basic OperationsBe sure the tape is completely rewound.

For more information on using the Track Copy function, see page To extend the xy on a partially formatted tape: Both Locates 1 and 4 are assignable to any tape position using themethods described in the previous section.


Stops transport and disables recording.

Page 83 Tape a note to the top of the unit zt the problem, include your name and a phone number where Alesis can contact you if necessary, as well as instructions on where you want the product returned. Er 8 Sync Lost: Sample Rate clock Chapter 4: TroubleshootingFormula or Fantastik.

Alesis ADAT-XT user manual

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 30 Chapter 3: Oversampling The process of taking more samples than is required in order to more accurately reconstruct a digitized signal back into analog audio.

They indicate that the parameter for which they are named has been selected or turned on. Edit Mode will now be selected. Other types of cables may causeincorrect commands to be received, and erratic sync performance. Page 88 Appendix D: This insures aadt time-stamping when a tape plays from beginning to end.

So glad to have found this great resource! Don’t have an account? This requires a male-to-male, 9-pin D connector cable for each additional machine in the chain.

Alesis ADAT-XT Reference Manual

There are three main ways to protectagainst this, listed in ascending order of cost and complexity: Page 64 Chapter 5: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Press with [PLAY] to initiate review mode. It displays speed as percentage and as cents. Page 91 GlossaryBouncing means taking audio from one track and placing it on another.

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The processinvolves formatting a tape see previous tutorialputting one or more tracks intorecord-ready, adjusting record levels on your mixer, setting the input monitor mode,locating to the start tape address and engaging record.

The Auto Play function is used to automatically engage playback whenever a locatefunction is completed. Use only Alesis cables. Entering play or record more willalso thread the tape, if it was previously unthreaded. Glossary Fiber Optical Connector A device that transmits signals through light instead of conventional wire.