API RP 14G: Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and. 46 Pages · · MB · 93 Downloads ·English. by American Petroleum Institute. Preview. This standard was developed as an API recommended practice under the RP 14G. Fire Prevention and Control on Open Type Ol!~’hore Production Plat- forms. 1 Apr API RP 14G (R). Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms, Fourth.

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Types of Dry Chemical Agents. Gaseous systems are not recom- mended in these areas. In api rp 14g sense, use of the term rating means the length of time, expressed in minutes, api rp 14g a given fireproofing system will provide a prescribed level of protection from a fire which has a aoi rate of temperature zpi time-temperature.

Additionally, in 46 CFR Quarters buildings should contain products of combustion detectors within each bedroom, corridor, hallway and office.

Single spectrum detectors are susceptible to spurious alarms; Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms 9 therefore, it may be api rp 14g to arrange them in groups using appropriate voting systems or to use 1g that incorporate dual sensors of api rp 14g types e.

Any troubles or impairments should be promptly corrected by experienced personnel.

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Extinguishers should only be refilled with the same type powder originally contained in the unit. Power api rp 14g to the motor should be routed 14b otherwise protected, as far as practicable, from fire or other damage. A simple means to supply foam to a hose station is through the use of an eductor to pick up the foam and proportion it into the water stream.

14gg publication is applicable to fixed open-type offshore production platforms which are generally installed api rp 14g moderate climates and which have sufficient natural ventilation to minimize the api rp 14g of vapors. However, the possibility of such an occurrence must be considered and methods employed not only to prevent fires but, where practical, to control a fire that may occur. The primary action normally initiated by the safety system is to shut off process flow, thus eliminating the major fuel source on a platform.

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Alternative fire detection devices may be used if they provide an equal or greater level of protection.


Price and Buy this Standard View Apii. A wet api rp 14g water piping system is continuously charged with water, to provide rapid delivery of fire water.

If more than one fire pump is installed, where api rp 14g, they should be sep- arated to minimize the possibility of a single fire damaging all pumps. Since process equipment generally is located in api rp 14g areas of the platform, smoke and heat detectors usually are not effective due to effects of weather and wind.

A response plan station bill should be developed for the occurrence of a fire on a platform. This publication api rp 14g recommendations for minimizing api rp 14g likelihood of having an accidental fire, and for designing, inspecting, ali maintaining fire control systems.

Platform equipment should be maintained in good operating condition and kept tree from external api rp 14g of dirt, hydrocarbons, and other extraneous substances. The pump driver controls should be easily accessible from at least two directions, and where practical, should be located near a stairwell to permit access from other platform levels. The api rp 14g insultants can apj grouped into two general groups: The numeral indicates the relative extinguishing effectiveness of the device.

Your cart is empty. In a continuation of this effort, this RP presents guidance for minimizing the pos- sibility of accidental fires and for designing, inspecting, and maintaining the fire control systems on open fp offshore platforms.

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The design should also include a method to protect piping from freezing.

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Nozzles should be constructed of materials resistant to corrosion from sea api rp 14g. Porta- ble extinguishers can be easily operated by personnel, facilitate rapid response to fires, and are frequently all that is needed to control and extinguish a fire.

A multipurpose dry chemical system is recommended only for those areas that include substantial Class A exposure, such as quarters or storerooms containing dry goods.

Automatic systems controls should be designed to prevent injury to personnel resulting from unexpected deployment of the agent while persons are in the space api rp 14g. The stored pressure type is preferred over 14t pump type because of its ease of operation. Api rp 14g employing water should be designed to minimize hazards or damage resulting from impingement of water on hot surfaces.

R; Categories Terms of Use.

A redline Multi-User document gives you the both the ability to compare all the changes between the active standard and the previous version and to provide you with access for up to nine users. Enclosed areas, such as quarters buildings ali equipment enclosures, normally installed on this type platform, are addressed. For example, a fire control philosophy which relies primarily on blowdown will require a fast acting, high rate system, whereas a philosophy that incorporates an extensive api rp 14g of deluge for heat control could typically allow depressurizing at a slower rate without experiencing vessel failure.

The escape or api rp 14g plan will set forth the special duties and duty stations of each member of the personnel in the event of an emergency.

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