14 most scary abandoned places in the world

15 June 2016 |

Humans always have a lot of reasons to leave the place in the past. Some abandoned places in the world became empty because of natural disasters, war actions, radioactive emissions and other threats. Others simply fell into disrepair due to the shrinking population, which led to their devastation.

Regardless of the reasons why a building was abandoned, people are always attracted by the opportunity to explore this place. They search for related secrets and stories. There is something alluring, sinister and a little romantic to stay in places, where people once lived. You can find a reminder of them around every corner and in every detail. Many places are marked with a tragic history, which gives them more sinister atmosphere. Often there is a paranormal activity reported in these places. Some buildings are a direct reminder of the ability and power of Mother Nature, which completely swallowed them up.

Read our selection of mystical and eerie locations from around the world, which attract researchers of mysteries that lie beyond their walls.

1. The Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea


The completion of this massive 105-storey hotel was postponed for 16 years because of the terrible famine that fell on North Korea. Although the hotel was put into operation later and is now in working order, there are still a lot of abandoned places there.

2. The Aniva Lighthouse, Sakhalin, Russia


The lighthouse driven by nuclear energy was built in 1930’s by the Japanese and later was captured by Russians who used it during the Second World War. During the 1990’s, under communism collapse, the lighthouse became abandoned.

3. The Miranda Castle, Celles, Belgium


Miranda Chateau was built in 1886 by a Frenchman, who had fled from the revolution. During the Second World War, the National Railway Company of Belgium found a shelter there. In 1991 the owners refused to sell the building and since than the place was abandoned. Today it attracts curious teenagers, vandals and Ghostbusters.

4. The City Hall station, New York 


The City Hall station was built in 1904, but due to lack of people who used the station, it was closed and abandoned in 1945.

5. I.M. Power station, Mons, Belgium


The history of this station is too scarce but it is not prevent it to be one of the most intriguing and aesthetically attractive abandoned places. The plant was opened in 1930 and was stopped in 2006. Station was used to produce electricity and cold water. Today this place looks like a scene from an apocalyptic movie.

6. The Military hospital, Beelitz, Germany


Initially there was a sanatorium that turned into a military hospital during the Second World War. The institution has worked this way until 1995, when further use of the buildings had become impossible. There are several buildings on the territory that are used for research. But the main part of this place is ominously empty

7. The Church of the Nine Ghosts, Lukova, Czech Republic


This medieval church was heavily damaged by elements in 1968, but the locals did not let it demolish completely. A local artist put nine sinister phantoms to draw attention to the spirit of the church and fear the visitors.

8. Abandoned cinema, Detroit, Michigan


Once Detroit was a prosperous city, but after collapse of the car construction it was left in ruins. This beautifully designed theater is one of the many abandoned places in the city. It represents a cooling reminder about luxury of this city in the past.

9. The Old Masonic Lodge, Bandak, Montana


During the Gold Rush in Montana, many cities in the region were built specifically for those who were seeking wealth. When the gold rush was over, all these cities were left abandoned.

10. Craco, Italy


Craco was built as a defense city in 1000, but people started living there only 500 years later. Unfortunately, natural disasters, which attacked this place because of its location, made it uninhabitable. By the 1990’s, Craco has been completely devastated.

11. Hotel de Salto, San Antonio del Tequendama Falls, Columbia


Hotel de Salto opened its doors to the visitors in 1923. However, because of contamination of the nearby river the restaurant was closed after only a few decades. Nowadays the hotel is restored and transformed into a museum. But there is the rumor that this place has a bad reputation because of the suicides occurred in the past.

12. Orpheum, New Bedford, Massachusetts


This theater and entertainment center was opened in 1912 and was a true nugget. In 1959 the doors of the theater were closed, and since then it was left in complete ruins. Sometimes it is used as a warehouse for tobacco and food companies. The attempts to find financial resources to restore the theater to its original form and open it again are being made today.

13. Abandoned railway station, Abkhazia


This station connecting Georgia with Russia was abandoned after the war in Abkhazia in 1992-1993. Since then, it has been given up to nature. However, some of the stations are in excellent condition. They intricate by moldings and mahogany furniture.

14. Bhangar, India


During the day a lot of people come here to see a ghost town, but at night the Indian authorities strictly forbid to enter there. Legend says, in the 16th century the city was cursed by a musician who had taken a refusal from the princess. He afflicted the inhabitants of the final death without the possibility of rebirth. Truth or fiction, but it seems that no one wants to risk.

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