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The house visible from all five districts of New York is ready to receive its residents in a year. The world’s tallest residential skyscraper called 432 Park Avenue is in famous Manhattan. The project costs US$ 1 billion.


If you wish to have a kitchen overlooking the whole New York, you’ll have to pay US$ 7 to 95 mln. This is a price policy of the developer.

интерьер кухнни

In 2006 the place where 432 Park Avenue is now was occupied by the Drake Hotel that was sold later on. In 2007 the hotel was torn down and the remaining land became the most expensive land in New York.

Парк Авеню

Building of the skyscraper started in 2011. As it is 426 meters high, the architects had to get permission by the Federal aviation administration. The house doesn’t beat records of the absolute height but it is the tallest building in the world by height of the roof.

432 Парк Авеню

The total area is 50 thousand sqaure meters. 96 stories with 125 apartments are ready; it’s time for finishing. It is going to be completed by famous American architect Rafael Vinoly.

Нью-Йорк с высоты птичьего полета

Apartments are all have open planning. There are no supporting elements separating the rooms as the inter-floor overhead covers are on the external and internal fronts.

432 Парк Авеню интерьер гостиной

The ceilings are 4 meters high. The windows are 3 х 3 meters providing a lot of natural light and the feeling of spaciousness.

432 Парк Авеню интерьер гостиной

432 парк-авню интерьер гостиной

Designers’ projects of the apartments interiors are ready. They were made by Deborah Berke Partners led by its director Deborah Berke. The designer says that the whole interior was developed cosidering the building’s height.

432 парк-авеню интерьер ванной комнаты

For instance, owners can take bath overlooking New York in a bathroom with huge bay windows. Marble and Venetian glass make this place truly marvelous. The flats all have bathrooms for men and women.

432 парк авеню интерьер ванной комнаты

The same Italian marble is used for the bar so perfect to have breakfast observing Manhattan.

432 парк авеню вид на манхеттен

Oak wood prevails in the interior: for the floors and furniture. The kitchen equipment is of stainless steel by Miele, the bathroom fitments is by Dombracht. The color palette is mainly white.

432 Парк Авеню интерьер кухни

432 Парк Авеню интерьер столовой

432 Парк Авеню интерьер кухни

The common area’s interior is developed by Bentel&Bentel. The building includes a restaurant, a fitness-center with a pool, conference-halls, a spa-center, a library, promenade terraces, kids’ zones, a yoga studio and even a wine hall.

There is also an underground parking with 120 places for automobiles. The price of onbe place is included in the cost of a flat.

432 Парк авеню ресторан

432 Парк Авеню бассейн

432 Парк Авеню тренажерный зал

432 Парк Авеню SPA

432 Парк Авеню бильярд

Those who wish to buy luxury at the very heart of New York must pay a pretty penny. The building has several penthouses. One of them with the area of 767 square meters costs US$ 79 500 000 and occupies the entire 92nd floor.

432 Парк Авеню чертеж помещений

Three-room flat with the area of 245 square meters on the 83d floor costs US$ 21 750 000. The most expensive penthouse on the last floor has been already sold for US$ 95 million. In addition, future owners will pay more than US$ 16 thousand for maintenance and more than US$ 15 thousand as a real estate tax.

432 Парк Авеню интерьер гостиной

432 Парк Авеню интерьер гостиной

But financial expenses worth it. They say 423 Park Avenue will be a new landmark of New York.

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