Amazing treehouse in Massachusetts

31 October 2015 |

When Jay Hewitt was a child, he had a treehouse that was slightly smaller than a large veneer sheet. Warm memories about those times provoked the wish to allow his grandsons feel the same happiness as he did. This led him to creation of a real treehouse that would become a shelter for the kids.


Being a professional carpenter, Hewitt managed to create something much bigger and impressive.


This three-storyed treehouse is situated in Attleboro, Mass. Architecture of the house is truly amazing. It is more than 12 meters high. Instead of a rope-ladder that is traditional for this kind of houses Jay made a full-fledged wooden staircase that can be used by anybody who wishes to get to the house.


Coming through the mudroom, guests go upstrairs and get to the main area of 5 to 6 meters, where kids can get together with their friends. The upper level is a cozy loft for sleeping and rest.


The house has plenty of space for entertaining. There is even a spiral slide in it. Branches of four trees penetrating the house remind the guests that they are high above the ground.


Being inspired by popular TV series “Treehouse Masters” on Animal Planet, Hewitt was creating the treehouse in his backyard for two years. Moreover, he plans to widen it. Watch the house in details on video below.

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