Cupboard house - an every summer visitor's dream

25 November 2015 |

Like many other creative persons, architects draw inspiration in nature, travels and literature. German writer Nils Holger Moormann has been inspired by “Walden; or, Life in the Woods” and decided to create a unique house.

He called his project the Walden.

дизайн дачного домика фото

A wooden little house with unusual proportions looks more like a huge cupboard with shelves. This is a perfect item for summer visitors as all internal spaces are totally equipped. It has many sections for storing of inventory, it’s easy to cook a dinner in the BBQ area and eat it in a cozy dinner zone.

There are also a starling-house, a pile of logs and decorative flowers. The house doesn’t occupy much space on a homestead land – it is about 90 cm wide.

дизайн дома

The center of the building features a rest room with soft comfortable seats. The residents are protected from rain by curtains and have a small shed to hide from the sun.

дизайн маленького домика

The second level is a double sleeping zone with a ceiling window where residents get by narrow vertical staircase. In case of bad weather the windows are closed by special plastic partition. Just imagine how good it is to lay down after a long working day and admire the stars through the glass ceiling!

дизайн дома внутри

The front of the house resembles an opened storage system that also serves as an external decor. All spaces are constructed in the form of holes in the walls. Notably, no matter where a person is, he always contacts with nature and fresh air.

Another positive feature of the house is its mobility. It is easily packed and unpacked and can be transported by car.

внутренний дизайн дома

необычный дом

дизайн деревянного дома

дизайн домика

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