Endless bridge on the edge of a bay in Denmark

9 October 2015 |

Endless Bridge is an architecture element that impresses everybody who comes here.

This wooden ring-shaped bridge has been constructed by Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter with the participation of a group of students from Aarhus Tech. It is installed in Denmark, on the edge of the Aarhus Bugt.

Unique installation was one of the exhibits at the sculptural exhibition that was conducted outdoors in Aarhus city this year. There were six installations represented but the Endless Bridge bacame indisputable favorite of Sculpture by the Sea 2015 biennale.

бесконечный мост в дании

After the exhibition finished, it was decided to leave the bridge on a shallow site of a sea bay. All who walk along this construction, have an opportunity to enjoy the views of city landscapes, woods and the nearby Varna Palace.

The bridge was constructed by parts; assembling was made right at this beach. Wooden construction of the bridge consists of 60 sections. Each of them weights 250 kilograms, is 2,4-m wide and 3,15-m long. The perimeter of circle of the bridge is 190 meters, diameter makes up 60 meters. Sections are installed on steel piles penetrating the seabed for 2 meters.

мост Дания архитектура

Depending on a surge time, the pedestrian zone of the bridge can lift up to two meters above the water level.

The bay where the bridge is installed wasn’t chosen by accident. This is the place of the former berth, even several berths that received boats from 1897 to the Second world war.

необычное строение мост

Today there is the Endless Bridge at this place and it connects the bay and the coats in a unique way.

When you walk along this bridge, you can see a new panorama from each of its points.

мост в Дании необычная архитектура

необычная архитектура в Дании

архитектура Дания мост залив

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