The world's largest treehouse

29 June 2016 |

Who hasn’t dreamed about having one’s own treehouse? Today we’re going to show you the world’s largest treehouse.

Horace Burgess carried his dream through his whole life. When he had grown up, he decided to make his dream come true and started to build the world’s largest treehouse.

Самый большой в мире "домик" на дереве

The self-taught carpenter and landscape architect said he had decided to take this step after the divine vision that had happened to him in 1993. He has worked on his project nearly without a break and is has still been working on his creation.

Самый большой в мире "домик" на дереве

The biggest treehouse is located in Crossville, Tennessee, USA. The wooden building is nearly one hundred feet high (30,48 m) and it required about 250 nails to be constructed. The largest wooden building in the world consists of 10 floors with 80 rooms, a church and a bell tower. Besides, it features a chapel, a basketball playground, an incredible number of secret passages and staircases and even a “penthouse” built by the careful husband for his wife. Every Sunday service is held in the chapel.

Самый большой в мире "домик" на дереве

Initially the house was built on one of the huge trees with a spiral staircase around it. Now, this “villa” is so big that its weight is distributed between ten trees.

Самый большой в мире "домик" на дереве

The house looks fragile and unstable however it survived in a tornado and thunder showers in Tennessee. But the main enemies of the house are thieves and vandals who cover the walls with graffiti. Formerly the house even had electricity, but a few years ago the copper wiring was stolen. The same happened with most of the windows and doors.

Самый большой в мире "домик" на дереве

Horace Burgess spent about $12 500 to build the house but he doesn’t take any fee for the visits. 400-500 people from all over the world visit the largest treehouse every day.

Самый большой в мире "домик" на дереве

Just in 2013 the construction found recognition. House of Horace Burgess was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest treehouse in the world.

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