Trade and entertainment complex in Beijing by Zaha Hadid

5 October 2015 |

The building of the trade and entertainment center Galaxy Soho stuns with its cosmic architecture like all other creations of famous Zaha Hadid.

Eighteen-storey complex Galaxy SOHO is situated at the very center of Beijing (China). Its first three storeys are occupied by trade and entertainment areas, above there are administrative offices and upper areas house cafes, bars and restaurants.

Galaxy Soho ночной

Galaxy Soho Заха Хадид

Galaxy Soho Пекин Китай

The author of this large-scale project is the studio of architectural design Zaha Hadid that is famous for its objects with such futuristic design. Galaxy SOHO is the first project of the Ehglish designer in Beijing and one of the brightest in Asia.

Construction works on the area of 40 000 square meters lasted for about three years – from 2007 to 2012. The total area of the complex makes up 330 000 square meters. It is cotainted of five rounded-shape elements but the most striking are four oval buildings.

Galaxy Soho ночью

торгово-развлекательный центр в Пекине

These 67-meter-high buildings are connected by smooth bridges and platforms that define the whole structure. It feels like they move and constantly change. Below, between these round buildings there are several cozy internal yards and a huge internal hall. This type of yards are peculiar for traditional architecture of China.

The fronts of the complex are panelled by light stone and aluminium. Internal premises finish is made of stone, stainless steel, glass and glass-reinforced concrete. The interior design features mosaics, stainless steel and a special material comprised of glass and plaster. Height of the ceilings of the trade areas reach 5.4 meters, and offices have 3.5-meter-high ceilings.

Galaxy Soho в Пекине

архитектура Galaxy Soho

Пекин Galaxy Soho

3 of 18 storeys of the complex are under the ground. The underground area includes boutiques and a parking zone for 1200 cars. Trade areas, entertainment and lounge zones are also situated around internal yards of the complex. From the 3-d floor the area of Galaxy SOHO is rendered to offices, and the space from 15-th to 18-th floors houses bars and restaurants with stunning views of the Chinese capital. All levels of the buildings are connected by numerous escalators and staircases.

дизайн интерьера Galaxy Soho

архитектура здания Galaxy Soho

Galaxy Soho фонтан

Galaxy Soho внутренний двор

здание торгово-развлекательного центра в Пекине

Galaxy Soho торговый площади

Galaxy Soho интерьер

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