Aluminium sculptures on an Amsterdam house

8 October 2015 |

An interesting vitrine with figurines on one of the building fronts in Amsterdam tells about people and events that took place in this building the century before.

The author of this unique project is Holland artist Marjet Wessels Boer. Aluminium sculptures placed in niches on the building front tell the story of the first Amsterdam block where the first housing cooperative appeared.

красивая архитектура в голландии

дмзайн фасада дома амстердам

The building that was decorated by the artist, was built at the end of the 19th century, in 1870, in Amsterdam district for poor people. This is the object of the first housing construction social project. It was realized by a group of enthusiasts, ordinary workers, who created something like a housing cooperative called Building Society for Home Ownership (BVEW).

To become a member of this organization, one needed to pay a weekly fee at the rate of 1 dime (10 cents then). The project was immediately called “a home for dime” or “a ten-cent home”, literally – a home for penny. дом улица амстердам

But these buildings were so utterly incongruous with their nicknames. They were built robust, of high-quality Holland brick, and met all construction standards and technologies of those times. Architecture of the buildings is also perfectly preserved to our time.

To attract the citizens’ attention to this house, the architect invented this kind of installation design.

архитектура голландия

On a blank brick wall Marjet built a structure simulating a type case for typography, with figurines simbolizing personal memories and events that happened on these streets, among ten-cent houses.

A typographical subject wasn’t chosen by accident. The designer decided to use it to remind the residents of this block about an agitational newspaper issued by BVEW.

дизайнерская инсталляция на доме

здание в амстердаме

архитектура голландия

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