MB&F clock curing of arachnophobia

17 September 2015 |

High-accuracy Swiss mechanism, more than 200 parts and verisimilar insect feet – this is a true masterpeace called Arachnophobia. This incredible wall clock was issued by anniversary of Geneva clock laboratory Maximilian Büsser & Friends.

In 2015 brand MB&F celebrates its tenth birthday so it created this three-dimensional spidary sculpture produced in collaboration with engineers of Swiss manufactory L’Epée 1839.


These clock in the form of three-dimensional spider figure can be used both as the wall and the bracket one. To create this design, the founder of MB&F Maximilian Busser was inspired by 9-meter installation Maman built by Louise Bourgeois.


Arachnophobia’s (the phobia of spiders) size is 40,5 cm. The clock includes 218 parts except for jewels.

High-technology mechanism with eight-days endurance is equipped with shockproof system Incabloc that allows transporting it without any risk of damaging.

The structure allows examining all the smallest parts from any angle. The needles on the dial are curved and installed on a domelike body. Hours and minutes markings are made white.


One side of the body with the head and impressive spider’s jaws features time and escapement. Clockwork is fixed to the opposite side.

Eight feet on pivotal mounts are fixed to the spider’s abdomen. By the way, you can change its position if you wish.


The spider’s feet are made of the parts molded by special method and hand-polished. This allowed the designers to get feet that are similar to the feet of the real spider to the maximum.

Arachnophobia is represented by two models. One is black and another one is covered by 18-carat gold. The first model is made of aluminium and weights 0,98 kg. The second model is made of brass and weights 1,96 kg.


The price of the spider-clock is not known yet. But the wristwatch produced by Maximilian Büsser & Friends costs tens of thousands dollars.

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