Stylish animals on Paris buildings

30 September 2015 |

In September this year the buildings on central streets of Paris were embellished with images of huge wild animals dressed in the latest fashion.

The author of this interesting light installation is Julien Nonnon – French artist and one of the founders of creative studio Le3. He let his pack to the Paris streets and organized a true photo-hunting for them.

safari projection urbaine wolf

We’re talking about unique visual project SAFARI URBAIN. Wandering along the streets of Paris, the artist took a projector with him and projected portraits of stylishly dressed animals on the fronts of the buildings.

safari projection urbaine monkey

Urban safari immediately was admired by passers-by. When they saw photo of an animal on the building, they gripped their mobile phones and cameras to leave such an original and unusual demonstration of modern street-art to remember. But the most beautiful photos was of Julien himself.

safari projection urbaine lion

As the author says, all these animals who look like coming from the pages of magazine, represent the dual human nature. On the one hand, wearing fashionable cloths we strive to look original; from the other hand, we rank ourselves among some social class. However, no matter what kind of dandy you are, you remain human. Because a gorilla dressed in a business suit, remains gorilla.

safari projection urbaine lemur

Julien gave name to each animal in this pack, according to the district where the light installation has been located. For instance, there is Montmartre Cheetah, La Cigale Crocodile and Delacroix Dog.

safari projection urbaine koala

safari projection urbaine hyena

safari projection urbaine

safari projection urbaine fox

safari projection urbaine

safari projection urbaine dogs

safari projection urbaine crocodile

safari projection urbaine paris

От том, как происходил весь процесс перенесения изображения на здания, можно посмотреть в этом видео:


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