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This is the way to help yourself and others. Dragons always have wings and dragons are also hunters. You see, if someone says something hurtful to you, what is it that really makes you close? Everyone is playing with our fear.

To be peaceful is just a simple decision. That is how we become like a rope — strong. It depends on one’s motivation.

Ao meu estimado mestre – Nangten Menlang International

Until right appears, until wrong appears, there is no moment to know what is right and wrong. How do u get over it??? This practice mainly helps ourselves. Tortoise7 – June 01, Dear Tulku, My question is silly compared to other awful things going on in the world, but if you have the answer I appreciate please some wise guidance that might avoid me and other people unnecessary suffering in the future.

It becomes difficult only because it is so easy.

Calendario de Eventos

But, in the usual type of relationship, neither of you is totally free. And in this present moment, you don’t need to think so much because you can just see everything. You must need to do what really makes you happy. Every day you must choose to be tinetana. It is like grabbing at the empty sky.


Traditionally, we also have a method to help this. Because of this, you can have dreams that are of fighting or violence and problems. When you are happy, that is the moment that we say you love yourself.

Astrologia Tibetana – Luciana Marinangeli | eBay

I know now this is wrong and that the excess of attachment and expectations on my behalf is the cause to my suffering. Como escritora tiene publicados catorce libros. Remember that when you love yourself this means that you are happy with yourself, happy with how you are. It’s possible that astrolotia is something in your mind. This makes it go more deep.

Yesterday evening I read about your programm in Basel. Look carefully at yourself to determine what is going on.

I would like to know why it is better to say the mantra times. I’m sure that accepting change is also a little problem, but it is a much smaller astroloogia than if you don’t accept.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Have I to change the place again, have I to change my work or Helping itself is what makes you happy.

Ao meu estimado mestre

I am not realy doing things to impress, but it is always on my mind. Don’t worry what the result is. Tibetano calendario astrologico, una pubblicazione annuale, M. Until you go in this cave to see what is there, your life is not flowing. If you understand your own essence, you understand the essence of Buddhism.


But I am confident that the Dalai Lama’s books are quite good. Because of ignorance, we do not have mindfulness of our body, of our food, of our thoughts or our speech. Sebasks – April 05, Lama, with respect. Because of fear, it is possible for them to see everything in the wrong way, understand everything in the wrong way. Therefore, don’t wait until you know yourself.

In Tantrayana, there are many special numbers. I believe both are! This is why I say this.

Let him fly free, and then you also become free of the dragon. Because when you are happy, then you don’t have any reason to harm others or to harm yourself. I am a person of Buddhism and so it so from the view of Buddhism that I give this answer: It is best to keep distance from people like that. But now it has made me fearful and cautious to simply enjoy something that is wonderful energy and is so natural. What is left, whatever happened, just accept.