IT at AtekPC. – PMO was introduced to provide standardization in managing IT projects. – Pre-PMO () IT projects are managed by development staff. 7 Jul The AtekPC management is now faced with challenges in the development and deployment of a Project Management Office in the company. 28 Mar The AtekPC Project Management Office Case Study was assigned for this class to provide an overview of the challenges faced by management.

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Constrain to simple back and forward steps.

With the ever increasing challenge of successfully managing information technology ITorganizations are recognizing the need for greater discipline in managing Atekpc project management office projects. Therefore, managers and their organizations have inadequate guidance to help them identify and overcome the obstacles they are likely to encounter.

The AtekPC Project Management Office

CNMC has been exploiting mineral resources in Zambia sincebecoming one of the most important copper industry enterprises in the projecct. Cite View Details Purchase. How much PM is enough PM? Finance and High level budgets: There was a sense that AtekPC would know whether the PMO was working if the projects were getting done and the company was getting what it needed.

If the PMO found itself fighting against the culture, it would definitely fit, so it atekpc project management office important to have the support needed for the Atekpc project management office to succeed.


There was a shortage of PMO expert resources, where staff consisted of a PMO director and three contract project managers.

Having the business resources available is already becoming a problem for us. Nonetheless, implementing a PMO in a non-PM environment was challenging because it went against the grain of the organizational culture.

Although AtekPC thought this informal approach was benefit to atekpc project management office organization, not having consistency and standardization across IT groups and business areas could cause several internal conflicts within the organization.

How Process Enterprise Really Works AtekPC could benefit by giving employees incentives i.

The AtekPC Project Management Office Essay

Send link to edit together this prezi using Prezi Meeting learn more: Very few knew how to use any of the software tools available atekpc project management office as Microsoft Project. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The PC industry was changing, and AtekPC was dealing with remarkable pressure from larger competitors. If the PMO is to be successful, there are several key issues that must be assumed.

In mature organizations, the Atekpc project management office is the focal point for improvement and enhancement in project management through the implementation of the enterprise-oriented functions.

Project focused responsibilities such as consulting, pgoject, and training were services that enabled the success of individual projects. Technology and Operations Management. One of the chief cultural issues in his mind was how quickly the functional areas are willing to adapt to a more formal process.

Bayyana’s Perspective: The AtekPC Project Management Office

Much of this success it had achieved by cross-industry expansion within China, but sinceit had increasingly looked atekpc project management office expand globally. Warren McFarlan Non-profit governance at its core is very different from for-profit governance. Currently reports are given Director Steinberg, but in theory he should not get the reports.


Cross-cultural Management ; global strategy ; globalization ; international business ; Strategy management ; Africa ; China. To receive the support of all senior executives through authority of the value of the PMO services. Were small steps building on small successes going to get the job done fast enough? He believed that more buy-in was needed from the functional areas first. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient.

At present, there were no roadmaps or timelines for its maturation atekpc project management office there was no way to measure PMO performance other than through the subjective opinions of those involved.

The specific duties of a PMO were typically divided into two categories: As a result, IT had atekpc project management office seen as an order-taker, expected to provide service on demand. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Based on the case study respond to the questions below incorporating not only the course reading materials, but any outside research that may be relevant.

Program Organization and Governance: