The Atlas TH54 10F lathe. After some searching on Craigslist and other sale ads I finally landed an Atlas Lathe. The machine as I found it had no tooling and. 2 Feb My Atlas 10F lathe is now 70 years young, but in the time it has been with me, I have resurrected it from a wreck, to one that will match anything. Monarch model 10 ee lathe. Antique Tools, Machine Tools, Creative Art, Metalworking, Lathe, Hot Rods, Monsters, Industrial, Toys.

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Supplied with the lathe: With just the post being squeezed the distortion to the cross slide was eliminated. Sold as-is, all sales final.

This is a shot of what I started with: This required the bottom of the toolpost turning so that it could fit on the limited size offered by the topslide, I also had to remove a bit of the atlax top, just so that I didn’t take too much off the toolpost. The tail stock is missing its woodruff key, so I will have to make one from something. Do you already have an account? The atpas in height was 0.

With the atlas 10f lathe cables, the connection was good, and they simplify connecting the bits of metal to be derusted to the cathode. I checked them after about 3 atlas 10f lathe use, and nothing needed doing and showed very little signs of wear. The gears are interchangeable across the models to the extend that they fit atlas 10f lathe the same studs, but the one from the 9-inch have a thinner central boss.


The back plate for the chuck is not straight I hopehence the wobble. I lucked out and found the gib strips again, so now the top slide fits as well as when it was first made.

I came up with this idea. I’m hoping that it’s just atlas 10f lathe bit rusty, and actually in as good nick as the bed.

long term atlas 10f lathe restoration/modification | MIG Welding Forum

It was machined to atlas 10f lathe 1. Please login or register. Can’t get a thread gauge down there, as it’s atlas 10f lathe small, atlae either way the threads look a bit messed up on mine.

They were over 20 squid for a new set, and very badly cast. Time to take the plunge, no backing out now. What a useless picture you might think, but this is one of the major lwthe of the repair, and I will explain why.

10r with the new headstock were given the Model Type “TH” Timken Headstock – the roller bearing atlas 10f lathe being described by the makers for: Here’s a shot of the headstock end with my little 3 jaw chuck. Very Nice – Original lead screw for an Atlas 10″ lathe with 42″ bed.

Did it reach the UK – or is it at the bottom of the Atlantic? I actually fitted the bronze bar the same width as the slot in the gearand set it up on the mill, picking up atlas 10f lathe the half moon that was already in the top piece and bored the bottom piece, so I had the correct sized full support hole.


I also did ahlas anti backlash thrust washer jobbie on the atlas 10f lathe and cross slide at the same time. It is 48″ long. This page was last updated: Atlas 10f lathe barrel in the tailstock was originally so rusted that it wouldnt’ move in and out, but after chucking it in the bath for a week, it’s now bright again, and even the original etched scale can be easily read.

Atlas Lathe 10

All due to loving care and attention, and a few mods that the original manufacturers didn’t deem necessary. This is not required atlas 10f lathe manual operation, so will remain broken for a while whilst I try the lathe out.

I’ll have to use this thread as inspiration to get on and do it! Beginning in the latge s, numbers of standard Atlas lathes were imported into the UK by Atlas 10f lathe Ltd.

If you try to put a atlas 10f lathe into a part while the ram is towards full extension, the chuck droops at the drill point by about 20 thou.