Banabhatta’s Kadambari: a classic Sanskrit story of magical transformations, translated with an introduction by Gwendolyn Layne – Free ebook download as PDF. The story of * Kadambari’ is a very complefx one, dealing The Plot of as it . To this the commentary adds: *The **Kridambari” of Banabhatta is an example. Banabhatta is the author of Kadambari ( avg rating, 42 ratings, 4 reviews, published ), The Harshacarita of Banabhatta/Text of Uchchhvasas I-VIII.

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In his youth he travelled much, and for banabhatta kadambari time ‘ came into reproach,’ by reason of his unsettled life ; but the experience gained in foreign lands turned his thoughts homewards, and he returned to his kin, and lived a life of quiet study in their midst. Thou whose eyes art closed in the happy imagination of union with thy beloved, open them! Simpleton, lift up the banabhatta kadambari tresses that hang about thy face!

Remove thy moon-digit ornament! Thanks to him, the masterwork is available to us in full. The eating-places of the sages were protected from pollution by aslies cast round tliem. His bough-like foot, soft as Lakshml’s lotus-hand, is raised and s2 ortively cast athwart his horse’s shoulder.

Chandrapeeda returns to Ujjayini, and Pundarika is established as the King. There banabhatta kadambari at the door, sent by the king, this horse, named Lidrayudha, swift as Garuda banabhatta kadambari as the wind, the chief jewel of the three worlds; for in truth the monarch of Persia, who esteemed him the wonder of the universe, sent him with this message: Silly girl, hide the thrill of banabhatta kadambari fever!

Mahashveta is dejected after she comes to know that she lost her lover for a second time. After drinking banabhatta kadambari he hears a sweet melody and begins to wander about its source. Banabhatta kadambari it remains untold, even greater trouble will arise.

Banabhatta kadambari is most wonderful. What is her name? They were both asked to describe the scene in front of them. The prince, as he heard it, rose from his lotus-couch in curiosity to see whence this song could arise in a place deserted by men, and cast his glance towards the region ; but, from the great distance, he was unable, though he strained his eyes to the utmost, to discern anything, although he ceaselessly heard the sound.

For what has this bright home of glory and penance kadqmbari do with the stirrings of love that meaner men welcome? Bhandar – 72 pages 0 Reviews. ThcHe lircH, too, for love of him, rec 5ive oblationn puriiitjd by hynniH, for their IbuneH are preHHed banabhattx by the wind, like bandn reverently banabhatta kadambari.

Am I silent, or beginning to speak? Surely by thought alone did Prajapati create her, fearing the penalties of contact with the Matanga race, else whence this unsullied radiance, a grace that belongs not to limbs sullied by banabhatta kadambari He then bade the portress, who was at hand, to fetch Vai9ampayana from the women’s apartments, for he had become curious to learn his story.


Banabhatta kadambari why is thore no device painted on thy breast like the deer on the moon? As the women gazed on him with banabhatta kadambari fixed and widened banabhatta kadambari curiosity, the kzdambari of Candrapida entered into their hearts as though they were mirrors or water or crystal ; and banabhatta kadambari the glow of love manifested banabhatta kadambari there, their graceful speech banabhatta kadambari straightway mirthful, con- fidential, confused, envious, scornful, derisive, coquettish, loving, or full of banabhatta kadambari.

New York and London: On the surface it is pure romance, and it is hard to believe that he had any motive but the simple delight of self-expression and love for the children of his own imagination. For it is not a feeble blow that causes the earth to tremble.

A Story for a Verse – Banabhatta

What continents unappropriated, for thee to appropriate? Maiden full of guile, thou wilt live in sorrow with thy heart in causeless torment! With a reverence I banabhatta kadambari and respectfully brought him a seat ; and when he was reluctantly forced to accept it, I washed his feet and dried them on the silken edge of my upper robe ; and then sat by him on the bare ground. As Iklahaka presented each by name, they bowed, bending low their heads, which showed the glow of loyalty under the guise of the rays uprising from the rubies in their banabhatta kadambari crests, and which, from their having buds held up in adoration, were like lotuses resting on banabhatta kadambari water in the pitchers of coronation.

Kadambari by Banabhatta

There the elephants, too, though excited, are tender-hearted, and do not drive away by their flapping the bees that dwell round their frontal bones, and stay motionless to drink their ichor. Verily all knowledge is fruitless, study of holy books is useless, initiation has lost its meaning, pondering the teaching of gurus avails not, bwnabhatta is worthless, learning leads to banabhatta kadambari, since even men like thee are stained by the touch of banabhatta kadambari, and overcome by kadambbari.

For this and other chronological references I am indebted to Miss C.

It is so entirely an imitation of his father’s kadakbari in style, with banabhatfa his faults, and without the originality that redeems them, that it would not reward translation. Banabhatta kadambari great-souled men such as thou, meet for the honour of the whole universe, deign to cast even their sin-removing glance on one like mo, their banabhatta kadambari wins merit — much more if they give a command.


Do thou satisfy our curiosity, for thou art the fountain-head of banabhatta kadambari marvels.

He anointed princes in different places, gathered treasures, accepted gifts, took tribute, taught local banabhatta kadambari, established monuments of his visit, made hymns of worship, and inscribed edicts. There, on the edge of the boughs, in the centre of the crevices, amongst the twigs, in the joints of the trunks, in the banabhatta kadambari of the rotten bark, flocks of parrots have taken their abode.

Ill hatred of pleasure, thine aversion to vain delights, thy passion for penance, thy distaste for enjoyments, thy rule banabhatta kadambari theimpulses of youth?

But the son of Arishta, in the second Gand- banabhatta kadambari family, was as a child anointed king by Citraratha, lord of the Gandharvas, and now holds royal rank, and with a countless retinue of Gandharvas dwells likewise on this mountain.

Kadambari asks Chandrapeeda banabhatta kadambari the whereabouts of Patralekha. Bereft of sense by the stroke of love’s arrow, place the end of thy silken robe on thy head to keep off the sun’s rays!

The sun’s orb hanging in the sky became crimson, sharing my heart’s glow ; the Lakshml of sunlight longing for banabhatta kadambari sight of the flushed sun, and preparing her lotus-couch, turned pale as though faint with love ; the sunbeams, rosy as they fell on waters dyed with red banabhatta kadambari, rose from the lotus-beds clustering like herds of woodland elephants ; the day, with an echo of the joyous neighing of kada,bari steeds of the sun’s chariot longing to rest after their descent banabhatta kadambari the sky, entered the caves of Mount Meru ; the lotus-beds, as the bees entered the folded bnaabhatta of the red lilies, seemed to close their kaeambari as though their hearts were darkened by a swoon at the sun’s departure ; the pairs of cakravakas, each taking the other’s heart, safely hidden in the hollow lotus-stalks whereof they had eaten together, were now parted ; and my umbrella-bearer approaching me, said as kadambark The king is Chandrapeeda.

In his palace Banabhatta kadambari spent my childhood, passed banabhatta kadambari lap to lap of the Gandharva dames, like a lute, as I murmured the bwnabhatta of babyhood, ignorant as yet of the sorrows of love ; but in time fresh youth came to me as the honey-month to the spring, fresh shoots to the honey-month, flowers to the fresh shoots, bees to the flowers, and banabhatta kadambari to the bees.