How to create a bathroom in Japanese style

1 September 2015 |

Any rennovation is a great opportunity to look around and think about how do you with to express what you like and a chance to learn something new.


One of the best ways to create unique interior is integration of cultural elements. In this article we’re going to tell you about how to bring a tranquil culture of Zen into your house using Japanese designer’s tricks in bathrooms.

Bathroom is a space that is used every day, but Japanese redefined the purpose of this premise and turned it into the space for relaxing and tranquil rest. We offer you some important steps to making oasis of calmness in your Japanese-style bathroom.


Pleasing decor

Bathroom design in Japanese style should be made in nature in mind. Living plants are the key elements that create the feeling that nature can exist inside your home.

Lighting is another important element for a Japanese-style bathroom. To create space where  your body and mind would experience deep relax, avoid sharp light and bold textures. Keep simple lines in the interior and minimum of accents, and then the atmosphere in the room will be quite and clean.

Color palettes in Japanese-style bathrooms should be neutral and natural. Clean lines in combination with light tones and natural shades will create conciliative Zen atmosphere. Bright colors are too provoking for such type of rooms, and deprive your mind and soul the opportunity to find true calmness.

Don’t forget using bamboo in decor everywhere you can but with a clear purpose. Whether it be flooring, finish or bamboo plants – it is worth investing. Bamboo brings neturalness and will perfectly feet bathrooms owing to its water-proofing features. Besides, bamboo is one of the most renewable resources that means that your Japanese-style bathroom will not only provide you with Zen but will also work hand-to-hand with nature.



Mainly a bathroom is the place that is visited just for a while, but Japanese have a different attitude to this space. In Japanese culture a bathroom is a space for relaxation and recovering rather than for cleanliness.

One of the most popular elements when creating a Japanese-style bathroom is a small soaking tube. It is placed in bathrooms with a sinlge purpose – ralaxation of a tired body, bringing your thoughts to order and inspiration. Size of the tube indicates that it is intended for meditations and soothing but not only for hygienic purposes.

If you wish to create an authentic Japanese-style bathroom, you’ll definately need oils and salts. This soft products are used for intensification of relaxation and are harmonically blend with bathroom decor.

A Japanese-style bathroom should have relaxing music as well. Enjoyment with pleasant sounds is an ideal way to achieve Zen.



A Japanese-style bathroom is relaxation and hygiene in one. It is important to understand that while these two concepts are perceived as a sinlge whole in this type of rooms, Japanese intentionally separate them. In authentic Japanese bathroom the place where you relax is always seperated from the area where you maintain hygiene.

As a bathtube is examined as the palce for relaxing soaking, it isn’t used exceptionally for taking bath and it will never be too large. Besides, a toilet is always separated from tube, in majority of cases by the door.

If you don’t have a possibility to create a separate space for toilet, a simple partition will ne sufficient. For instance, paper partition or a curtain that will serve as a barrier between the wish to relax and the necessity of hygiene. One should note that hygiene is extremely important for a Japanese-style bathroom. In fact, the majority of this type of batрrooms don’t have a standard toilet – just a bidet.


Exquisite decor elements 

The beauty of Japanese-style bathrooms is expressed in exquisite decor elements. Japan is an island that’s why Japanese culture is saturated with elements deмoted to water. In many Japanese bathrooms they use these elements in various forms. For instance, a small stone fountain on a countertop will not only provide a pleasant visual effect but bring natural sounds into relaxing atmosphere.

Japanese aesthetic is concentrated around stones. Placed in different parts of space, stones are clear natural symbols and can be easily integrated into a Japanese-style bathroom. You can also make a stunning backsplash for a countertop. They can also be added to sinks for minimizing the effect of synthetic surfaces used for saving the budget.


To create an authentic bathroom in Japanese style, it is important to follow a streamlined and consistent design. Avoid bright and flashy details like towels or holders for toothbrushes. Choose neutral tones and clean lines that create the feeling of serenity and peace.

Besides, don’t be afraid of using original products. If you have an opportunity to get a Japanese handmade soap, this will add an authentic character to the space.

Keep in mind that if you let yourself using all advantages of the cultural desing, you will receive a stunning result.

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