4 colors to change your life

20 June 2016 |

Color is the most effective way of any space alteration. And the cheapest too. So, we can certainly say that colors change our lives.

Color can inspire, excite, intrigue, calm down, cure and cheer up. That’s why I always wonder at all these dull and boring interiors in “fashionable” magazines. Don’t be ashamed and bravely use colors in your home.

There are my four classic and universal colors able to transform any space.



Blue is a super relaxing color. It calms down and appeases, doing its job quietly and carefully without competing for attention and exhaling soft serene light in any premise. This shade is perfect for bathrooms, dining-rooms, living rooms and halls. And for other types of premises, actually.



I personally always need some warmth in any color palette. I painted my hall mulberry red and black shade and I’m crazy about it. I like it so much that I covered one wall in my studio with textile of that color. And now thinking about painting the whole upper floor this color!

Grey and green


There is something curative in this shade. It clears the head and inspires. This is one of the shades that make me think I can do anything: whether I work over design-project, write a blog or just wandering about the first floor lighting the candles and cooking dinner. I can literally swim in this shade. This is like nature has come to my home.



Black scares many people but I love this color very much. It makes the interior more elegant and glam getting it into its final shape. This is a soft shade that also can cure. I admire coming back to the black room after a long hard day, sitting in a cozy chair and relaxing. Black color has medical calming features – it cheers and relaxes simultaneously.

Generally, I strongly recommend thinking about the atmosphere you wish to get when you try to define what color to choose. Then the process of selection will be easier.

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