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20 June 2016 |

I personally think that the majority of kitchens look dull and similar. Everybody strives to make a kitchen safe instead of considering the bright and colorful or dark and dramatic interior. Many people hesitate to use color in kitchens, preferring sick fashionless muted palette of creamy, grey, brown and other dull shades. But color of a kitchen is important.


Who told that a kitchen can’t sparkle with color? Usually we spend a lot of time in this room so why not to make it super stylish? It’s important to decorate your kitchen like any other room in your home – otherwise, it will fall out the rest of your interior and look somewhat abandoned.


Start from what you love. I wanted to make my kitchen in glam style so I’ve chosen deep and elegant colors. You may bring life to your kitchen using bright yellow. Forget about white, grey and beige –they’re gone. Choose smoky grey or inky blue shades, bright aquamarine, refined olive or deep chocolate.


Today it’s very easy to add color to your kitchen as manufacturers offer incredible shades of furniture, domestic appliances and accessories. If you wish to set up your kitchen with colorful household appliances, make sure that the color echoes the rest of the palette to achieve harmony and unanimity of the interior. Nice collection of glass or ceramics is a great way to tie the colors in any palette.


Even if you can’t invest into a new kitchen, try to install a colorful backsplash or just add some colored accessories: cool bar stools, several bright vases, sculptures and paintings that will scatter color accents around the room. I recommend using pictures in the kitchen interior. And of course, don’t forget about painting – this is the simplest and the quickest way to transform your kitchen. Color selection depends only on your preferences and a chosen style.

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