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20 June 2016 |

You don’t need a huge budget for painting – this is the most effective and the cheapest way of transforming any premise. I never understood why so many people are afraid of it. This is funny to change color of the walls if you don’t like old one anymore. I painted the walls in my home aubergine, greeny-blue, lilac-grey and various other shades – and none of them completely satisfied my needs. Does it mean that I hate painting? Nope. As each try brings me closer to my dream home.


I’m in love with inky and marshy shades. But I wish to devote today’s post to the brighter and bolder colors. I understand that many people don’t dare to use this kind of color palette but note that these stunning colors, even in small amounts, immediately bring colorful style. Actually, I don’t use bright colors for the walls but looking at the photos of wonderful colored interiors I start thinking about something like that in my guest rooms. These colors truly stun, but if you restrict the palette to several shades this will bring much better result.

Here are my five tips to use bright bold colors:

    1. If you decided to paint the walls bright color, choose textile and accessories of the same shade – interior will look integral


    1. You don’t need to paint all the walls to make your interior more colorful. Just use accessories


    1. Never choose color basing on small samples. Paint large (I mean, really large!) section of the wall – this is the only way of getting the final and the most correct sense of how the color will look


    1. You’d better paint the hall or landings your newly selected color. This is not so difficult, and you’ll be able to change color easily if it falls short of expectations


    1. When using bright colors, try to dissolve them by some gorgeous neutral shades that will balance the palette and make it not so crazy


Have a nice painting!

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