7 things any home should have

20 June 2016 |

Have you ever looked at one of your rooms thinking that it extremely lacks of something? If yes, read my list of seven things in interior any home should have.

Small tables


Many small tables. I have these tables literally everywhere: a coffee table near a sofa, a bedside table for drinks and books by the chairs and simple stools here and there. I recommend preferring round tables as they dillute straight lines and add fluidity to the space.



I’m totally crazy about different stands and shelves – I have them all around my house in each room: on the walls, under the windows, in the dining-room serving as a bar stand, in the kitchen for plants and favorite receipe books. Love them!

Furniture with legs


To make any room visually more exqusite, mix box-type furniture like trunks, poufs and coaches with the legged pieces. People often don’t wish to mix both styles but this immediately transforms any space. And don’t put tens of the legged pieces – just a couple of gorgeous armchairs and a sofa.



Nothing can make me so happy than walking barefoot on my favorite soft cozy rug. This element embellishes any space. I have them in each room – from the hall to the bedroom, from the office to the dining-room. They join the rooms together, bring life and balance and are completing elements of any premise.



I call textile a 5-minute lifting in design. You’d probably include rugs to this category but I’ve separated them into different clauses as they are both very important. Textile on cushions, coverlets and curtains turns a room into a comfortable relaxing zone. Drapery on sofa or armchairs brings color, intrigue and character. Textile is the key player in any room decor. Have you ever seen how sterile and cold were the photos in design magazines? The lack of textile is the reason!



Any room needs an element of drama. This can be unusual color of furniture, or a huge chandelier, or a vase as if brought from a theatre. These elements automatically catch the eye and bring life to any space.



We all know that light is the most effective way of transforming any space. Each room needs at least eight sources of light. It seems that it’s too much but they are necessary to provide comfortable and cozy illumination in a room. This doesn’t mean that the whole room has to be overcrowded with various lighting devices – this means the balanced and comfortable illumination system featuring independently controlled elements.

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