When white is fine

20 June 2016 |

You ask, when white is fine for your interior? Many people may think that I don’t like white in interior but actually I don’t like it on the walls and the flooring. But white accessories are great.

Neutral color palette and white color are extremely important as these shades help you to balance any palette. If you choose bright colorful interior, you won’t be without neutral shades. I personally admire great variety of white elements: cushions, vases, rugs etc.

The most popular mistake is using of the white elements of the same texture. This causes all surfaces to look similar and dull. That’s why the texture is very important. Besides, don’t forget about contrast so dilute the snow-white background with bright accents.

By the way, if you use milky and creamy shades of white, the common color palette of your interior will be much softer. I don’t like too starchy and heartless white. So, if you wish to make a room mostly in dark saturated colors, don’t refuse neutral shades in the common palette – they’ll add solidity and intrigue. Don’t throw white away – just use it deliberately and by doses.

White color is the basic one and it is the main color for many design styles. Particularly, Scandinavian interior style can’t be without the snow-white walls and the ceiling. This is the color of purity, lightness and opened space, a pure crispy canvas where any designer can embody his boldest ideas.

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