In a world so dark and seductive, expect nothing less than a triple-cross in this explosive Ghostwalker novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine.. . Read “Samurai Game” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. In a world so dark and seductive, expect nothing less than a triple-cross in this explosive. I absolutely love Christine Feehan’s action adventure GhostWalker series. I started reading the series in when book one, Shadow Game.

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She recognized the little Asian girl who had been reading her book. As many years as he’d been working from Whitney and taking the payoffs from Sheila, one would think she would have tried to be a little friendly.

Maybe a pairing that does not work christins an actual blow to Whitneys arsenal instead of these minor chips at his arsenal. Thorn was an experiment gone wrong.

I also really liked how Whitney was brought back to the forefront with this book. A woman without conscience, she will do whatever is necessary. No one wanted the experiments to come to light but they’d been necessary and Patterson believed in what Whitney was doing one hundred percent. fdehan

Along the way Azami meets Cyristine and the attraction is instantaneous and incendiary. Brenda’s body slipped to the tiled floor from the edge of the basin. I missed seeing him kick some butt.

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He staggered, and took three more steps. Brenda glanced to her left, her eyes meeting the woman seated at the table adjacent to hers, giving the briefest of nods. Luckily she did get a very good adoptive family and she thrived. I have to admit, I wish I had gotten to see her go to town with a katana I’m a martial arts freak, so forgive!

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Book Review: Christine Feehan’s Samurai Game – KD Did It Edits

And then Feehan, on pg. The camaraderie was there, as well as the paranoia of Whitney’s devious, maniacal plans. Feel the same way, Azami, fehan whispered into her mind. I mean isn’t Whitney tired to attacking the compound and failing really he needs a new plan. No one was that close to her. Sam is such a sweetie. Harry gave her a black scowl and tossed the thick envelope of bills in his glove box in disgust, not bothering to count the money. Looking for More Great Reads?

She’d done backgrounds on everyone including the workers here. In this series View all Book Good points – got to see lots of Team one, Lily and the baby!

Is this your idea of sanity? Harry’s smile faded as he turned away from her in disgust. This book is a hot mess. At once chaos reigned. Once he let her go, the world would slip back into kilter. As you progress further into the story, you see her strength and courage.

The couple focus is on Sam Johnson and Azami Yoshiie. I think the guy deserved a name that went with his skills and reputation.

She slipped several times and cursed the two men over and over when she had to half sit to chtistine over one spot. When Azami kept calling him Sammy all of a sudden, I just cringed. Sheila Benet’s car was parked to one side exactly at the mile marker she’d told him, leaving enough room for him to pull over. The Shadows of Christmas Past. The terrain was very steep in some places but with a little work, she could make her way down.

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Samurai Game

In retrospect the portion of this book, that brought down the rating for me, was the rather extensive time used up in the book of the sensual encounters between Sam and Azami, and the almost childish use of Azami referring to Sam as Sammy! I did spend 4 samuari in the military as the only female in the unit, so I found Christine extremely wamurai. For a seductive employee of the Dungeon, it’s her job to fulfill them.

Thorn was thrown away by Whitney at the age of 8 when she was no longer viable for experimentation. Reviewed by Tracey Risebrow The Ghostwalkers are an elite group of physically and psychically enhanced soldiers, so secret most people do not know of their existence.

I can read weakness and, although he hates working with women because we’re so damned inferior, he won’t find too many men who can do what I do. It makes me so happy that they are together. Feeyan about Daniels’ invisible friend?? There are christibe many things to love about this book. It was cute in a very James Bond sort of way.