The Cisco ASR X Router offers embedded services for enterprise and service provider networks in a 2-rack unit (2RU) small form factor. It is integrated with. ASR X Router: Access product specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and community content. Data sheet describes how the Cisco SPA/SIP portfolio offers a rich set of QoS features for premium service delivery.

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There are two ESP models: Selected vpn-scale-test0 for this guide. Any references to IP addresses, device IDs, shared secrets or keys account information or project names should be replaced with the appropriate values for your environment when following this guide.

You also need to supply the shared secret. You can also use auto VPC network, make sure there is no conflict with your local network range. This section provides the base network configuration of Cisco ASR to establish network connectivity.

How to Order Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers?

Create a custom VPC network. The configuration samples which follow will include numerous value substitutions provided for the purpose of example only. SA Lifetime – set the lifetime of the security associations after which a reconnection will occur.

With dynamic routing you have an option to define advertised-route-priority, fisco priority is preferred. Populate the following fields: To place an order, visit the Cisco Commerce Workspace.

It must belong to same subnet as the GCP-side interface. This name is displayed in the console and used by the gcloud command-line tool to reference the router.

The netmask length is recommended to be Shared Secret — Character string used in establishing encryption for that tunnel. The following is a high-level overview of the configuration process which will be covered: All the licenses on the Cisco ASR Series are honor-based, meaning that the licenses are not enforced through a product activation or license key. You must enter the same shared secret into both VPN gateways.

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If the VPN gateway device on the other side of the tunnel doesn’t generate one automatically, you can make one up. A tunnel interface is configured to be the logical interface associated with the tunnel. The Cisco ASR Series Routers carry a modular yet integrated design, so network operators can increase their network capacity and services without a hardware upgrade. Ordering Information for Interfaces and Modules.

Please note that this guide is not meant to be a comprehensive overview of IPsec and assumes basic familiarity with the IPsec protocol.

Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers: What is an ASR Router?

Based on the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor, the ESP performs forwarding, network security, deep packet inspection, firewalling, data center interconnect, and many other advanced features.

Local subnets — Specifies which IP ranges will be routed through the tunnel. It also provides support for software redundancy without the need to use redundant hardware.

Packet sent with a source address of In order to have symmetric traffic flow make sure that you set the priority of your secondary tunnel to higher value than the primary tunnel default priority is It consolidates up to customized packet-processor cores MHz to 1. Many aftermarket retail sellers, however, still sell the device, whether used or new. DPD — set the dead peer detection interval and retry interval, if there are no response from the peer, the SA created for that peer is deleted.

Cisco ASR Series Aggregation Services Routers Overview

This name is displayed in the console and used by the gcloud datashet tool to reference the gateway. The following commands set the SA lifetime and timing parameters. Request a Tutorial Ask for community help. If the VPN gateway device on the peer side of the tunnel doesn’t generate one automatically, you can make one up. July 31,0102, was the last date that Cisco itself sold the ASR Set to group16 as recommended configuration on ASR router. Create Cloud Router as shown below:. The topology outlined by this guide is a basic site-to-site IPsec VPN tunnel configuration using the referenced device:.

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Configure your firewall rules to allow inbound traffic from datqsheet peer network subnets, and you must configure the peer network firewall to allow inbound traffic from your Compute Engine prefixes.

A two-rack unit, the Cisco ASR is a router that has xisco serial interface processors and an integrated route. To save the running configuration and set it as the default startup, run the following command on Cisco IOS terminal:. The 2 VPN tunnels configuration example here is built based on the IPsec tunnel and BGP configuration illustrated above, can be expanded to more tunnels if required.

However, we must rely on these routers when connecting the WAN Internet. To advertise additional prefixes to GCP, copy the “network” statement and identify the prefix you wish to advertise.

See your device’s documentation for more information. You can repeat this command to add multiple ranges to the VPN tunnel. Dynamic Routing router bgp bgp log-neighbor-changes neighbor These negotiations involve dxtasheet phases: