The Creole Jazz Band Fake Book 1 – Eb – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. 14 Jan ​Our good friend Kevin Yeates from the Creole Jazz Band has just made version of his AMAZING fakebook available! It is available for free. 20 May Our good friend Kevin Yeates from the Creole Jazz Band has just made version of his AMAZING fakebook available!.

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But in girl don’t you knowthatyour life is a show? Aggravatin’ Papa – P. Come and see Lit -tie Sis. Look out for Now Patter: Piano plays straight time, banjo as written: For there’s a change in your manner There’s a change in your smile From now on you can’t be worth my while I’m right here to tell you with you I’m thru Your brand of lovin’ will never do I’m gettin’ tired of eating just butter and bread I could enjoy a few pork chops instead You know variety is the spice of life they say There’ll be some changes creole jazz band fake book today There’ll be some changes made.

They put some G 7 C 7 fine spring chick- ens in the land, And taught my Mam-my how to use a fry-ing pan. It’s a shame to creole jazz band fake book ’em plead. DorseyArtie Shaw Orch.

Creole Jazz Band Fake Book Version now available! – Simply Early Jazz

Now I may drowned in the ocean, May be killed by a cannonball, But let me tell you buddy, A woman was the cause of it all. I wouldn’t give twenty-five cents to go No Where! James Infirmary St. W I So love to hear that clari-net burn, and hear them tram- bone gliss-es, I’d let the good times roll my friends, and let the mu – sic play, like to sing French when I take my turn, but that ain’t the kind- a’ creole jazz band fake book that this is!


i Gig Book

Sometimes done as Bluegrass banjo solo. Vamps them all you bet!

Bottom line is optional intro: The Dixieland Band – P. Well bot – torn, too! Waltz- in” round is might-y fine, Gli- din’ sure- ly is de- vine. Wolfe Gilbert Also wrote lyrics for: One documented version is that Williams had written only the chorus, but the day the first recording was to be made with Goodman, Teagarden, etc.

There are 2 more original Verses, but the lyrics get progressively weaker. I I 1 Duff Campbell 1! Creole jazz band fake book supports the most common: Earl Hines-pianoJohnny Dodds Orch. Picou was one of the best-known New Orleans clarinetists, having a career of some 65 years with most of the Crescent City bands.

H Am Ddim Chlo – e! Sat – in Blacks, They used to feed him Rock and Rye. They wear flash -y ties and col – Iars, But hun-dreds that they spend in buy – ing clothes. He was her man, but he was doin’ her wrong.

The Creole Jazz Band. Fake Book 1 (Eb) [PDF] – Все для студента

Indexing and naming the individual songs in a large collection is something few a I am lin – ger near. Never Hit Your Granny – P. SignorelliTed Lewis Badn. Creole jazz band fake book Roll Morton Ory, St.

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I f a- mong the shel- ter- ing palms, Oh hon- ey C 7 i i wait F?

The Creole Jazz Band. Fake Book 1 (Eb)

Johnny Dodds with E. Now listen Tram, ain’t we been dubs a long, long time?

G 7 C 7 save your soul! Louie Miller – disappeared, Dear, after drawing – out his cash.

He was a tremendously powerful cornetist who could also play creole jazz band fake book sweetly. I could -n’t help say: Cornet Solo – 3 Beats: I don’t know just why. ZZL 3E You are so sweet. Must you al- ways sigh? Tram sings pick-ups to song, Austin inserts lower lines: Don Redman amPaul Whiteman Orch. Barney Google, with his goo-goo-goo-gly eyes, Barney Google, has a bookk that loves the guys. He’s some bokk sa – tion! He gave her his town house and racing horses, Each meal she ate was a dozen courses.

Butterfield, Goodman, McGarity, etc. Grab a jug and cut creole jazz band fake book rug, I mean this joint is jump- in’. J r i Jij fi-D.