Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! The just-released Silver Marches accessory by Ed Greenwood and. Silver Marches (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying.

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Here, as in Silverymoon, humans, elves, and other folk live together more or less in peace. Soldiers patrol the courtyard marchess the new wall, prohibiting entry to anyone who is not a soldier or is not on on official government business. Sundabar’s temple to Tyr and Torm is a fortresslike building facing on the Circle, across from the Master’s Hall.

Silver Marches

Sundabar This double-walled, circular fortress city is famous for maches miners, master smiths, and woodcarvers. He also holds that hunting should be for the table, not sport, and done with care, nurturing the land.

Everlund owes its survival to the thickness of its walls the city’s leaders have never failed to keep its first line of defense in good repair, nor to add to the fortifications whenever possiblesome strategic alliances, and its ability to keep Evermoor Way open to caravan traffic. Wizards of the Coast Item Code: Sundabar boasts many defenses against the orc hordes that plague the North, and has broken the onslaught of several major invasions.

For once, the popular choice turned out to be the right one. Notable Businesses Visitors will find over a dozen superb woodcarvers and carpentry shops around the Circle.

To ensure that no one steals or tampers with the weapons they hold in trust, the soldiers place the arms inside locked, iron-reinforced wooden chests: This double-walled, circular fortress city is famous for its miners, master smiths, and woodcarvers. Eaerlraun is secretly sympathetic to Khelben Blackstaff’s “Moonstars” but on the surface maintains his allegiance to the Harpers of Twilight Hall.

The city’s growth had brought a new wave of settlement in the Rauvin Vale, and the princes of Ascalhorn found that the people living near the Rauvin’s bend required protection against trolls from the Evermoors and goblinoids from the Nether Mountains. Bell Market The economic and social center of Everlund is the Bell Market, so named for the enormous warning bell that hangs in a frame in the open space between the Hall of Elders and the Barracks.


Vigilance is the watchword of Sundabarian life. The same looks to hold true today, as the confederation attempts to deal with issues of mutual importance to its signatories. Around DR the dwarves of Delzoun responded by raising a small keep overlooking the river crossing, and garrisoned the outpost with vigilant guards to protect the crossing. Buildings are arranged in discrete sections separated by green space: The heart of the dwarfhold lay in the immense foundries around the fiery rift, a source of heat so large and intense that works of the most massive scale and most difficult alloys could be accomplished here.

Determined not to break his hold’s isolation of centuries, the ruler of Sundbarr discovered he could not ignore the plight of the hopelessly outnumbered humans on his doorstep. Moongleam Tower isn’t meant to hold a great number of soldiers, but the keep is strong enough to put a stop to any attack made without heavy siege engines or great magical firepower.

The High Priest of Corellon Larethian, considered the leader of the elves of the city, is one of the Elders. This Month’s Dragon Magazine. Moongleam Tower Built by a master dwarf engineer almost two hundred years ago, this keep of black, hard stone is one of the foremost Harper holds of the North.

Sundabar is well provisioned against a siege of many months, as madches granary caverns lie near the Everfire, and deep city wells tap the clear, fresh subterranean lake Anfarra. In the past, there have been times when dwarf-human relations were strained in Sundabar, but the dwarves trust Helm implicitly.

One of silve new additions to the structure is a low stone wall that prevents anyone from approaching closer than 30 feet. As the human population grew, Sundabar’s strength shifted from the forgemasters of the dwarf city to the master merchants of the human city.

D&D Excerpt: Silver Marches

The first town on the macrhes of Everlund was quietly abandoned over the years as trade ceased along this route. The Master’s Hall is a crowded silvdr of huge round stone towers, their battlements bristling with heavy catapults and ballistae. Hard by the armory are six large wood-frame buildings surrounded by another low wall. Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed survey of one of the most exciting regions in the Forgotten Realms game setting.


Visitors will find over a dozen superb woodcarvers and carpentry shops around the Circle. Though ready to withstand an attack at any ssilver moment, it is nonetheless a beautiful community that does not look like a city of war.

Once again a small town grew marcbes around the keep, this time a town of human traders and elf merchants eager to find markets for Eaerlann’s goods in the burgeoning cities of the Sword Coast. No armaments of any kind are permitted within.

Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. Important Sites Despite its size and constant level of activity, Everlund’s physical appearance is a testimony to both its founders and current leaders.

The Barracks and Armory Not far from the Hall of the Elders stands the city armory, a small, square keep built from dressed limestone blocks. She recently succeeded Triandial Truthammer as Defender, after her predecessor vanished while engaged in a perilous adventure. Like Silverymoon fifty miles to the north, Everlund was in its beginning a simple crossing-place over the Rauvin. Perhaps emboldened by the growing rumors of war between King Obould and the cities of the North, orc raiding parties have been striking hard at southbound caravans, and the depredations of giants based in the Evermoors now depopulated of its former inhabitants, the trolls have increased to the point where caravans sjlver taking extra guards on journeys to and from the city.

The folk of the city tend to be devout and crowd the major temples on the first day of every tenday to worship their deities.