29 December 2014 |

Imagination and old things: hand-made doesn’t require great expenses. To create home Christmas décor, you can use ordinary tools, glue, sticky tape, paints, broken glass and unnecessary old things.

If you have many burnt out bulbs, bring them life by sinking into the glue and sprinkling with colored sparkles. As a result you get interesting decorations of the color you need. You can make this not only with the bulbs: use any glass foundation and decorate it with threads, beads, yarn, ribbons, and pearls.


Use ordinary glass jars to create Christmas decorations like a sconce or a vase for a fir. Sprinkle the jar with colored broken glass or sparkles and embellish with a bow. If you have beautiful white lace, dress the jar in it.


Bottles are also great for decorations. Just paint them white and then sprinkle with coarse salt to bring some snowy effect. Add compositions by colored dry twigs with several large balls or fir twigs. Or make a special Christmas decoration dressing the bottle with sleeves of an old pullover.


Wood is good for designer’s versions of a New Year’s decor. Old picture frame can have a new life: just add illumination and some winter themes to make a special Christmas picture.


Old wooden boxes, baskets and iron buckets can become very nice Christmas decorations that are particularly good for private homes. Fill them with fir twigs, candles, toys or cones. Or use foam plastic for snow effect and your designer’s piece of art will have guaranteed success.


Don’t throw out old wooden slats as they can turn into a beautiful snowman or Santa Claus and meet your guests at the door. Use them to make a greeting poster or lay out a bizarre Christmas tree.


You can bring holiday comfort to your home with the help of old tins. Paint and embellish them with proper patterns, hang up on the walls and put candles inside. Such sconces provide true Christmas atmosphere.


Pay special attention to the windows. Use traditional snowflakes, painted patterns and garlands, put candles on the windowsills or decorate them with various twigs, toys, Christmas wreaths or subject compositions.


Your festive table is one the main spots of your home. Candles are great for decorating the table, as well as Christmas compositions made of fir twigs and cones. Put the plates on the table in the form of a snowman, and then put the dinnerware in small Christmas socks. Chairs dressed in Santa Claus hats will make the interior more festive and unusual.


Don’t hesitate to use everything you have at hand when doing hand-made décor. Old wheel can turn into a wonderful Christmas wreath and a bunch of straws can serve as a Christmas toy. Old posting cards will become a garland and Christmas-themed cookies will beautify your fur-tree.


Hand-made magnificence is determined by its uniqueness. Making unmatchable interiors, you create light and truly Christmas mood and atmosphere at your home.

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