10 original decor ideas for photo frames

11 March 2016 |

Photo frames are not simple stands for memorable pictures. This is also an element of decor. We’ve selected 10 stylish ideas for frames decoration you can do with your own hands.

1. Bicycle wheel

An original photo collage made of an old bicycle wheel will be an interesting decor element for any interior. Choose photographs in a common theme, make a plot, hang the pictures between the spokes or fix them with pegs.

декор фотографий фото

2. Old window frame

Don’t throw an old wooden window away because you can use it for your family photo collage. Place the photos across the width of the window frame or fix them in cells. This false window in the interior visually widens the space and is an unusual decor element keeping pleasant memories inside.

декор фоторамок фото

3. Wooden door

An old door with cells is also a great place to put some family pictures inside.

фоторамки декор

4. Wooden pallets

Pallets in the interior are extremely trendy and used by designers to decorate the space in retro and eco-styles. It’s easy to make a photo album using a pallet – just fix it to the wall or put it on the floor. Arrange photos in frames and screw them to the wooden surface. Or fix the photos with pegs using several rows of string.

дизайн фоторамок

5. Fishing-rod

An old fishing-rod is an original element to keep family photos and will be a great gift for a fisherman. Fix some hooks on a rod and hang pictures to them with the help of a string.

dekor ramok dlya fotografiy

6. Twigs 

Twigs brought from your walk will be perfect decor for your family pictures. You can use them to decorate the ready frames or cut them to make a new frame.

фотографии декор

7. Glass can

Take an empty can, choose a picture to match its size, put it into the can and close it with a cover. Empty space can be filled with sand, salt, seashells, starfish, LED garlands or any other things corresponding with the picture plot.

декор фоторамок

8. Picture frame

An old picture frame is also great for putting photos inside. It’s easy to make it with your hands – just use wire and pegs.

фотографии декор фото

9. Washing line

A simple and original way of decorating the photo is a washing line. You just fix the pictures to the line using pegs. It’s great that you can constantly replace the pictures with the new ones refreshing your interior.

дизайн рамок для фото

10. Clothes-hanger

You can also use clothes-hanger to fix some pictures on it.

фоторамки декор фото

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