Basalt furniture collection for garden

1 October 2015 |

Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis created tremendous furniture collection made of volcanic material that takes care of its owner’s health.

This unique basalt furniture collection includes everything one needs for comfortable outdoor and indoor rest – from wine stands to cozy chairs.

подставка для вина базальт

The Riga designer has become a pioneer in creation of basalt furniture. It was produced on requiest of Maffam Freedom company that specializes in designer’s furniture for gardens and terraces.

Each table, chair, seat and stand are hand-made and none of the objects in this collection ever duplicates. Basalt furniture has become very popular and was marked by the highest estimates at numerous designer’s forums. Wonderful operational characteristics, original and unique design made basalt furniture by Maffam Freeform a very recognizable brand worldwide.

мебель базальт сад

базальтовая садовая мебель

подставки для вина из базальта

Speaking about technical charasteristics, it would be more correct to say that furniture is produced not of basalt but a basalt fiber that is obtained by method of material melting in a special furnace. In the output the material represents fibers of yarn that are widely used in many areas.

орнамент из базальтового волокна

Basalt is a volcanic rock that is rather widespread material. From the ancient times it was used to build houses and today it is actively applied in construction, space industry, and many other fields. And now designers use it to produce furniture.

мебельный гарнитуре для сада из базальта

кресло для сада из базальта

стол и стулья из базальтового волокна

Basalt chairs and tables possess stupendous characteristics. Despite its apparent fragility and weightlessness, it is rather durable and is not influenced by rainfall. Besides it is eco-friendly because in production of basalt fibers there are no chemicals used and basalt fibers are fixed together by special resin of natural origin. Raimonds Cirulis says that these chairs and tables will stand outdoors for decades.

Another unique characteristic of basalt is its ability to absorb harmful radiation including radioactive. So it can be said that furniture takes care of its owner’s health as well.

садовая мебель из базальтового волокна

садовая мебель из базальта

мебель для сада из базальта

подвесное кресло из базальта

базальтовые кресла для сада

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