9 inspiring ideas for using bottles in the interior

17 September 2015 |

If you had a great birthday party and there was a lot of empty bottles left – don’t hurry to throw them to the garbage. This glass vessel seems plain but it can become a New Year’s decoration, a stylish sconce or even a bird feeder.

Our practical advices will help you using a glass bottle as a stylish decor element that will become a staple of a flat interior.

вазы из винных бутылок

The New Year’s are still far off but maybe you should take care about a holiday decor in advance? Take a lighting garland, make a hole in the bottom of the bottle using drill, put the garland to the bottle through this hole and leave a plug outside.

If you don’t wish to drill the bottle, just put the garland to the bottle through its neck. Try to hide a plug and wire.

And if you don’t want to wait for the New Year’s – you can make this right now. Look how gorgeous these lamps look in the interior.

новогоднее украшение из винных бутылок

Using the same method you can make stylish lamps for table or ceiling.

настольная лампа из бутылок

стильный светильник из винных бутылок

You can paint the bottle, paste it over with ribbons, roll in glitters and you’ll get a beautiful vase. The bottle can be wrapped around with strings, threads, a wire – just use your imagination. Feel inspired by our photo ideas.

вазы из бутылок

To use bottle as a stylish flower pot is another great idea. You’d better plant undemanding cactuses or succulents in this type of container.

цветочный горшок из винных бутылок

These wall installations of the bottle-vases look stunning. Something like small vertical gardens for any interior.

вертикальные сады из винных бутылок

It is often hard and sometimes expansive to find a sconce for a tall and thick candle. Then try to make it of a wine bottle! To do this you only need to choose a proper neck diameter or even sharpen the bottom of the candle for it. Bottle-sconces painted by various dyes look so beautiful as well!

подсвечники из винных бутылок

Vessels for a liquid soap made of bottles are also very interesting decor elements. Buy any plastic bottle with soap or just a pump and fix it to the bottle. Don’t forget about safety measures when using this type of dispensers. Choose a steady vessel of a small size with wide bottom. Tall bottles are easily dropped and broken that is not good for bathrooms.

диспенсер для жидкого мыла из винной бутылки

The bottles are also great to make feeders for the birds. Use a drill for glass to make holes, process or glue shears over, hang a feeder in the park or on your balkony and enjoy captivating life of your feathered guests.

кормушка для птиц из бутылок

Empty bottles can become an element of stylish furniture. For instance, the legs of such a wonderful coffee table that you can embellish with sconces and small glasses also made of the wine bottles.

журнальный стол из винных бутылок

мебель из свинных бутылок

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