Country style Christmas: 10 simple tips

21 December 2015 |

You don’t need to live in a forest hut to spend Christmas holidays in a cozy country atmosphere. All you need are the following 10 elements.

Traditional colors



Rustic, country interiors always respect live traditions so follow traditional color palette – red, green, cream, silver and golden. It is very interesting to play with non-traditional shades but they mostly don’t match with country style.

Traditional chequered fabrics



If you’re a fan of chequered plaids – you’re lucky as nothing speaks so expressively about country style like textile and pattern of the plaid. Tartans (photo 1) are Christmas classics that bring more elegant look, while Gingham (photo 2) looks more casual. In any case, traditional red and green squares are key elements of the country Christmas atmosphere.

Wooden elements



Natural beauty of wood is the element that joins the whole country decor together. If the floors in your house are wooden or you have, for instance, bare wooden ceiling beams, you already have the foundation for decor. Wooden furniture and accessories add more authenticity. But avoid using too much wood as the space may look heavy and overloaded.

“Chain” knitted elements and burlap





Knitted elements and burlap textile can be seen incompatible from the first sight but be brave and use them both for decor. Knitted plaids, cushions and Christmas socks bring warmth and coziness, and some burlap accents add rustic character (for instance, table runners, fir ornaments or sofa cushions).

Cones and nuts

pines and nuts_850x608

There are few things that look so wonderful in a country interior like cones and nuts. Use them to create wreaths for indoor and outdoor decor, or simply put them into a glass bowl or a vase. Such natural beauty doesn’t require much efforts and time, but will look cozy and festive.

Sparkling lights




There is no Christmas interior without lighting garlands. In your country decor you can use both one-color or colored garlands. Just avoid blue and purple shades as they don’t look good in this style.

Birch logs


Decorating the house with birch logs is a great way to bring the feeling of nature into the interior. Put them stacked at the fireplace, place into a busket, dress with lighting garlands or make candlesticks of them.

Holiday aromas

christmas scent_850x566


Creating the atmosphere is a little bit more than to simply create the look so think properly about festive aromas in your house. Traditional smells like pine or cinnamon are great for country style. Besides, you can make compositions of cedar or pine twigs, and your house will be filled with natural, festive aroma. Use perfumed candles, homemade boiling herb mixes, fruits in small sacks and aroma sticks.

Glass cans



advent candles 3_850x567


Glass cans are perfect for old-fashioned country style. Fill them with nuts, cones or balls; use as candlesticks; make snow-balls of them; trim them with fabrics and use as vases – the list is unlimited.




Soft candle light creates the atmosphere of warmth and coziness, and no country style holidays can do without them. The best location for the candles is the fireplace, but don’t restrict yourself by it. Put them everywhere you like. But remember about safety measures and don’t place them close to highly inflammable objects. And never leave them off-hand.

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