Decorative branches in design: 15 beautiful ideas

9 June 2016 |

Natural materials in modern interior design are the most popular way of decorating. Raw tree branches are considered an available and beautiful variant of transforming the space. Besides, dry branches are also a functional element of design.

Only dry branches can be used for decor. If you use found branches, remember about safety – clean them properly and apply a special agent for wood protection.

Branches are used both in their original appearance and painted to be matched with the whole interior design. Before beginning decoration, think about covering branches by mordant, acrylic or varnish. Dye and varnish prolong durability of decorative branches.

Application of branches in the interior is rich, just switch on your imagination and get inspired by something. Composition in a vase is an easy way to use branches in handmade decor.

чем покрасить ветки для декора

A container used for decorative branches is selected to harmonize with the whole interior style. For instance, if style is traditional, use sprawling branches in a painted vase. If your interior is made in modern style, use tall and even branches.

Thick spreading branches will be a sculptural decoration of any room. Use the compositions to decorate space under the staircase, spacious halls and empty corners.

Decorative branches for kids’ rooms are a great choice due to sustainability and style. A branch with bright toys, bows or birds above a kid’s bed looks wonderful.

эко декор

декор мебели фото

A dry branch or a bunch of twigs placed on a bare wall will be elegant decor elements. During holidays such composition can become an additional element of decoration.

чем покрасить ветки для декора фото

декоративные ветки фото

Decorative branches are useful and functional. They serve as ledges, racks, stands, and hooks. Branch compositions can be also stylized as a bookcase or a stand.

декор стен

декор мебель

ветки декоративные

декоративные ветки для интерьера

декор стен в прихожей

декоративные ветки

Lamps made of decorative branches look very original and stylish. Sconces, table lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps made of natural painted twigs can be found both in interiors of dachas and in designer’s apartments.

декоративные ветки для интерьера фото

эко декор фото

Decorative branches can be used for making furniture items as well. Raw twigs serve as legs for chairs and tables, headboards decoration and even beds.

декор кровати

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