20 December 2014 |

A Christmas tree is a peculiar attribute of the New Year and Christmas holidays. The evergreen tree gladdens people with its beauty and conifer aromas. Each year the question about whether it is worth to kill the plant for holidays becomes more and more urgent.


So the designers offered some alternatives to a Christmas tree. Everyone can make the main tree of the year by themselves of the makeshift materials. You can use everything: cardboard, plywood, twigs, garlands, photographs, threads, ropes, pegs, and even a ladder.


One of the cheapest variants is a tree made of cardboard or plywood. Think about the holes on the tree to hang up the Christmas decorations. All you need to do is to choose the color palette and a place for your lovely Christmas tree.


If your flat is small, hang up your Christmas tree on the wall. Use garlands, sticks, photographs, your favorite items, ropes, balls, and nets – everything you like. The wall Christmas trees made of garlands are the most beautiful: they serve as a décor and at the same time as a light installation that brings the atmosphere of comfort and holiday.


Those who love nature can nevertheless use living plants: just bring some dry twigs and decorate your dwelling with them. You can paint the twigs by the color of your interior but remember that clear white color look perfect with any color palette. Decorate them with garlands and some balls or use photographs, toys symbolizing the New Year or cones. Install your hi-tech Christmas tree in a vase, a flower pot or fix it to the ceiling. It’s all about your imagination and the design of your flat.


Slats are also great for your home-made Christmas tree. They are assembled in the form of a tree and visualized in a space. Use a small stub as a support and decorate the tree with traditional balls and garlands. The color of the slats is the matter of taste: you can paint them with your interior’s colors.


A hand-made tree can be made also of household goods like pillows and books. This kind of “fetish” usually indicates the owners’ hobby. You can also use plastic bottles, TV-sets and even feathers.


If you like classic style, use an ordinary ladder or access board. Their conical shape resembles a Christmas tree. Add some slats and decorate them with balls and garlands and it will become true surprise for your guests.

Your New Year’s hand-made can be your unique designer’s project and a great time to spend with your family. If you have kids, they will be happy to make your family beauty together and enjoy the holidays doing fancy-work.

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