Fireplace decor: 6 useful tips

2 March 2016 |

Beautiful fireplace decor is one of the most important aspects of good residential space design. A fireplace is often an element that attracts the eye when one comes inside the room. Like in any other room, the way we decorate a fireplace is a straight reflection of our style.

Do you wish to refresh your fireplace but don’t know what to start from? We’ve collected some tips for you to be inspired for a stylish solution.

One of the most important decor elements for a fireplace is how you balance the items on it. Symmetry immediately attracts attention to the whole fireplace that is good for simple approach. This kind of decor is perfect for classic and conservative dwellings. If you prefer modern style, use accessories of different height to let the eye to disperse over a surface.

Try not to overload the surface with many items. Play with various shapes, textures and shades to find correct proportions. You’ll be amazed how beautiful the element of bold shade or a tall decor element is.

Use these simple fireplace decor tips but remember to follow your individuality and style. Use items you love and are comfortable with.

1. Domestic plants



As fireplaces are mostly made of heavy and rough materials like stone, they can make the interior heavier if they are improperly decorated. To avoid this, dilute “masculinity” of a fireplace by soft fluid lines of living plants.



Splashes of green color supplement many styles; beautiful color shades of the flowers add some feminine character. Long grasses are very popular today – they are neutral and tender plants that draw the eye due to their height.

2. Pieces of art



Collection of pieces of art on your fireplace can be a great addition to your perfect interior. You can put them on the mantel or hang on the wall. Also you can decorate the mantel with the only expressive object to have special meaning and draw attention.

3. Mirrors



Don’t know what to use for your fireplace decoration? Try the mirror. Mirrors are sold in many shapes and sizes so you can buy and hang one expressive mirror or select a series of different ones and place them on the mantel. Besides, mirrors help making the room brighter as they reflect the light from the windows.

4. Gadgets



Flat screens are often placed on the mantels. So if you plan to put your TV-set on a fireplace, better fix it to the wall. If possible, fix it as closely to the wall as possible – otherwise it will look too bulky. As an alternative, you can hide it behind the doors.



To make more elegant decor, try to make a beautiful frame for your TV-set. If you plan to place other objects on the mantel, choose low and small ones not to obstruct visibility.

5. Seasonal decor



Always select seasonable decor for your fireplace. Use fresh flowers in spring, long grasses in vases or fruit baskets in summer, bowls with berries in autumn and, of course, fir branches in winter.

6. Change of decor



A fireplace is not only a central element of any interior design – it is also the simplest place for the design that can be often and easily changed. Collect several sets you can use and change on the occasion.



For instance, collect candles, vases and other fine decorative elements as the basic ones for your future collections. Change your fireplace decor as you please – not only for the holidays!

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