20 fresh ideas for cushions decor

2 November 2015 |

Are you bored with your old decorative cushions? Do you wish to refresh interior? Make new pillow-cases and you’ll get splendid outcome.

Small decorative cushions embellish almost any dwelling. Many people have a whole set of pillow-slips that are necessary if you wish to tranform your house interior design.

идеи дизайна комнаты

It is not difficult to sew a pillow-case with your own hands. Its foundation consists of two squares of textile and a filler. And of course a beautiful pillow-case. Be patient, use your imagination and our selection will help you determining your choice.

подушки в дизайне комнаты

You can use pieces left after some needlework and embellish almost any pillow-case. All you need is to correctly combine these fabrics and find proper fittings.

подушки красивый дизайн

Doughnut and dessert-like cushions are very popular today for nurseries. You’ll have to make every effort but result worth it!

подушки в интерьере

Crocheted and knitted pillow-cases are especially proper today, on the eve of the cold days. Suggest your own patterns instead of using classic ones. Choose the color of thread to be in conrast with the whole interior, and use pillows to add bright and warm accents.

It is so nice to lie on pillows with woolen cases during cold winter evenings.

оригинальные подушки в интерьере

идеи подушек в интерьере

If you like traveling, this kind of cushion will be an irreplaceable assistance in a plane or waiting-hall. It is convenient to take it with you and it will always remind you of your home. In addition, the cushion will be a perfect gift for your traveller-friend.

красивые подушки в интерьере

It seems that these pillow-cases are difficult to be made in home conditions. But if you look closer, you’ll see that there is no fear in their design. Take fabrics with various textures, lovely buttons, ribbons, cuttings of textile, and your cushion will play with new colors.

необычные подушки в интерьере

Any dog or cat lover will be happy to have a cushion with a pattern of his beloved pet.

подушки декор интерьера

These pillow-cases will also be a great decor in the room of a teenage girl. They look very dearly, light and extremely romantic.

декор интерьера подушки

If you wish to decorate a nursery, consider pillow-cases made in patchwork technique. But here you need to have some skills and patience.

подушки оригинальный дизайн

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