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Do you wish to buy something exclusive for your home? Do you like animals? Or looking for an original gift? Then this selection of designer’s lamps was picked for you.

This lamps will perfectly supplement any interior and bring a note of naughtiness and style. Just imagine how happy kids would be happy about a funny night-lamp!

Korean designer Li Jin-Yeong developed a series of lamps titled Lion penseur. These lamps in the form of bright colored dogs are made of natural leather.

светильник собачки

For kids who don’t like to fall asleep in the dark there is a series of night-lamps made of snowy acryl. It’s so nice to fall asleep in company of a shining and smiling cat or a giraffe, isn’t it?



The world of sea creatures inspired talanted American designer Roxy Towry-Russel for making of sweet Jellyfish Lamps. The device casts soft light creating the atmosphere of miraculous underwater world in the room.


Kids will be happy about UFO table lamp. It was created by German designer Lasse Klein. The lamp is produced of steel with energy-saving light diodes. You can see little aliens in illuminators of a flying saucer, and a cow is easily sucked in the UFO with the help of a small button.


Portugal designer Andre Valerio thinks that polecats are the sweetest animals on the Planet. The lamp is produced of cork and will be a perfect addition for the interior of some eco-flat, a nursery or a yard. It looks funny when switched on and light comes through the polecat’s eyes.


An outdoor dog-lamp will be a great decoration in any landscape design. The lamp is driven by solar batteries and its eyes shine in the dark. This lighting device is produced in Austria and can bought in many online stores.


Designers are also often inspired by birds. German designer Ingo Maurer called this lamp Luccellino. Luccellino is a play of two Italian words: luce – light and uccellino – little bird. The lamp is produced of natural goose feathers, glass, brass and plastic.


Ingo Maurer does miracle with the help of simple things. All his lamps are elegant, extraordinary and attractive. Like this ostrich-lamp.


Another bird-lamp by London architecture Umut Yamac will be a stylish solution in modern interior design. This night-lamp can be placed on a table, on a bedside-table or simply on the wall.


Unique lamps with compact design by Amit Sturlesi will turn your house into a field of miracles. The Israeli designer makes these night-lamps of glass using laser cutting. Glowing figures of pinguins, deers and rhinos are equipped with light-diodes located at the bottom of the device.


For cat-lovers there is a series of lamps by House of Micha. The collection includes 4 types of a cat in different poses.


Young Israeli designer Chen Bikovski issued collection of three lamps – a cock, a deer and an owl. The night-lamps look like they’re produced of paper and are made in Origami technique. They are great when switched on – then you can see the deer’s ears and the cock’s tail.


A centipede-lamp looks like a representative of alien civilization with doubtful intentions. It will perfectly match an avant-guard landscape design.


A penguin-lamp was invented by Ukrainian designer Alexander Kozinets. He called the collection Save The Penguins.


A funny giraffe will be a great night-lamp and a decoration of a nursery. This lamp called Zzzoolight was produced by Officina Crea studio.


New York designer Sebastian Errazuriz made this surreal lamp of a stuffed white chicken. He installed a poor bird’s body on a glass stand and fixed lamp instead of a head.


Errazuriz is also the author of this amazing lamp titled Grandma’s knitting where wire serves as yarn.


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