Elegant lamp made of old pullover: master class

13 August 2015 |

Don’t throw your old pullover away! In our master class we’re going to tell how to use it to make an elegant interior element.

светильник из свитера

All of us have a pullover that we don’t want to throw away but at the same time don’t want to wear. But we can revive it to let it please our eyes for many years. In addition, our dwelling’s interior will get a wonderful new lamp.

To do this, you’ll need:

  • scissors;
  • internal parts of tambour – 3 pieces (2 of them must be bigger and have the same size);
  • textile glue;
  • electrical wire, socket, lamp;
  • plastic cup;
  • several clamps for paper;
  • pullover

светильник из свитера

1. You’d better take a pullover with wide sleeves and some bright geometrical pattern. And don’t forget to take all pellets away from it. Use a special device or a simple razor to do this.

светильник из свитера

2. Turn the pullover inside out and cut one of the sleeves off –  this is going to be our future shade.

светильник из свитера

3. Insert one of the bigger tambour rings into the wide opening of the sleeve, where the shoulder was and push it to the middle. Then insert another ring.

светильник из свитера

Take the smaller ring and place it above the bigger ones. The rings must be tightly fixed to the sleeve. So before cutting the sleeve off think about proper tambour diameter.

4. Cut unnecessary textile off the lower part of the sleeve considering 2 centimeters to roll up. Glue 2 centimeters to the inner part of the ring, fix them with paper clamps and allow the glue to dry.

светильник из свитера

5. While your future lamp dries, start making the holder. Take a plastic cup. Its diameter must coincide with the diameter of the elastic band at the bottom of the sleeve. Cut the bottom of the cup off and make a hole at the center of it. Use this hole to insert wire and socket.

светильник из свитера

Apply glue to the inner part of the holder and insert it to your future lamp from the side of the cuff. Let the glue dry.

6. Now twist the lamp in and switch your lamp on. Ready!

светильник из свитера


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