Low budget Scandinavian Christmas decor

25 December 2015 |

If you wish to embellish your home for the Christmas holidays in Scandinavian style and think about how to remain within the budget, we offer some tips to inspire you.

Rustic elements



Scandinavian Christmas holidays are characterized by the presence of rustic, natural materials – no smooth surfaces and shining details. Rustic style decor looks cozy, simply and homely. It’s not a problem to find it – search flea markets, vintage stores and garage sales.



Tip: even discarded objects like wooden pallets, vine cases and electric cable spools can play an important role in rustic interior creation.

Natural elements



Scandinavian decor, especially the festive one, requires using natural elements – plants, wood, moss, flowers and twigs. A Christmas tree is a perfect way to bring some nature to your house. In addition to the main tree bring several smaller ones and put them all around the house.



A bunch of twigs or logs looks great in the most unexpected places, both separately or in a metal bucket or a vine case. Select natural elements that will match with the color palette of your interior. Put river-stones of all shades of grey or ivory-white in combination with seashells into the bowl and place it on the coffee table – this will bring a note of naturalness that slightly differs from that one provided by greenery. Besides, use burlap, sisal and other natural fabrics – they also play their role in Scandinavian decor.



Tip: you can save your budget on natural decor if you know where to seek. Use fallen twigs, leaves and stones – they will cost you no penny.




When the winter comes, lighting becomes very important. We offer using many different sources of light that will help you doing your rooms visually lighter and bigger, and at the same time more solemn. Instead of several simple lamps use candles, night-lamps, lanterns and more. To avoid danger in using the live fire buy artificial candles – they will serve you for many years and you won’t be worried about fire. Use a series of night-lamps – they can beautifully emphasize architectural peculiarities of your house (for instance, stucco work on the fireplace or around the window) or hang them in bunches to add modern look.



Tip: despite the fact that LED lamps cost more, they will save you electricity. They are also cooler so are not dangerous to be used near live trees.

Colors and patterns



Use simple color palettes – white, red and green, red and green, black and white or just monochrome. Textures are very important in any Christmas decor. Try to make pillow-cases of old vintage sweaters, throw blankets and plaids everywhere and put a rug on the floor to make the interior warmer. Monochrome interiors definately require texture to make the room deeper. Try to layer one shade or use various shades of one color, for instance, warm white, cream and ivory.



Tip: visit local stained-cloths stores and buy everything you can turn into Christmas hand-made decor. Look for vintage sweaters that can be cut to pieces and used for making cases for cushions or socks for gifts.

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