Month selection: 5 Ukrainian decor manufacturers

9 November 2015 |

Cool mirrors, plates with pugs, flower pots made of books, hemp tablecloths and fine little things for kitchen – today we’re going to tell you about decor by Ukrainian manufacturers.

Lusterko company produces a smart-style decor. This is unique designer’s mirrors and fashionable wooden chandeliers.

The mirrors are produced of special acryl. This allows putting the cloth into any shape – from a funny penguin to a family of swans. Lamps by Lusterko are made according to the designer’s sketches of elite plywood and acryl.

светильники от украинских производителей

зеркала от украинских производителей

The company also takes individual orders.

Orner Store studio produces beautiful plates and dishes with funny images. Each plate is a beautiful story about a family of hungry meerkats, about glutton coons and many other amusing characters.

To produce plates the company uses high-quality glassceramics. It is shockproof, durable, firm and beautiful. Pattern is applied on a blank by hot decal method. This means that the plate with this pattern will be in use for at least 20 years. The ware sustains high temperatures, and it can also be used in a microwave oven.

красивые предметы интерьера от украинских производителей

Floral company Roslynka produces green oases of succulents for flats, offices and restaurants.

The assortment of this store includes beautiful florariums, mini-gardens in glass vases, cactuses growing in books, designer’s flower pots and many other unexpected floral solutions.

оригинальные интерьера от украинских производителей

Unusual and eye-catching compositions can be created by hands. Each month the studio conducts master-classes.

Article atelier specializes in production of stylish elements for interior – original ideas for storage of books, cool candlesticks, and houses for plants. The section of kitchen ware gleams with unusual napkin holders and carving boards.

предметы интерьера от украинских производителей

DevoHome company produces hemp textile for home. To emphasize natural texture of the material, the brand follows minimalistic style.

Hemp fiber is hypo-allergenic and pincers don’t appear in it, because hemp is grown in eco-friendly conditions, without chemicals.

Blankets, cushions, coverlets, tablecloths, napkins and many other things are made of organic materials that are grown in Poltava region, Ukraine.

текстиль от украинских производителей


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