Preparing for Halloween: 35 decor ideas

26 October 2015 |

Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October. To prevent vampires, witches and other evil forces to catch you unawares, prepare properly for the forthcoming sabbath.

This holiday is a perfect occasion to beautifully and originally decorate you home, invite your friends to have a noisy party and a great time.

We offer you 35 interesting ideas of how to add bright colors in this grey autumn day and take part in this universal celebration.

декор и сервировка стола на хэллоуин

Interior design in Halloween style has to be funny but at the same time magical and bewitching.

Traditional Halloween attributes are pumpkins, ghosts, spider’s web, bats, witches, vampires, monsters and various food and desserts. Colors used for Halloween decor are bright orange, black, dark violet and red.

идеи для сервировки хэллоуин

Traditionally decoration of a house starts from its external side. The entrance door, the front, garden paths, pergolas and a lobby will be perfect places for thematic decorations arrangement. Pumpkins, dry leaves, and twigs are great decorations. Just be creative and use your imagination.

декор на хэллоуин

хэллоуин декорации

Jack’s lamp is a darkly smiling face carved in a pumpkin and highlighted from inside. This is a classic but rather boring symbol of the holiday. Use various cans instead, paint them with Halloween colors, draw awesome images, put a small candle inside and you’ll get a stylish thematic lamp.

идеи для хэллоуина

идеи дизайна квартиры хэллоуина

And of course, there is no Halloween without pumpkin. In addition to the evil lamps you can make tons of articles. For instance, embellish the pumpkin with thematic sticks, drawings and beads. Or paint them with dyes. You’ll get true Halloween masterpiece. All you need are two-three decorations to transform your space.

украшение тыквы на хэллоуин

украшение квартиры хэллоуина

идеи для хэллоуина

идеи украшения тыквы для хэллоуина

A fireplace is the best element to decorate on holiday. It can be embellished with cobweb, evil statuettes, compositions made of black twigs, candlesticks and pumpkins.

квартира на хэллоуин

красивые идеи для хэллоуина

If you have a small premise for celebration and there is no place for huge monsters and pumpkins, use vinil or paper stickers.

They can be purchased in decor stores or make them by your own of black self-adhesive tape. This can be bats, skulls, spiders, and various monsters. Use white paper to make ghosts and place them on shelves or table or put them in photo frames.

оригинальный интерьер квартиры хэллоуина

дизайн интерьера квартиры хэллоуина

To add correspondent holiday atmosphere, decorate the walls with textile. If black and violet colors seem too gloomy for you, drape surfaces with orange fabric.

Hang various skulls, spiders and cobweb on the walls. Bu the way, you don’t need to buy cobweb in stores. You can make it of white muslin or fishing net. Throw it onto shelves and other furniture, and embellish it with small spiders and mice.

необычный интерьер хэллоуина

дизайн квартиры хэллоуин

Another interesting idea of Halloween decor is to embellish rooms with orange or red balloons. Draw evil faces on them and you’ll get wonderful and cheap holiday decor elements.

украшение шарами хэллоуина

If to speak about table appointments, you also need a correspondent entourage here. Put glasses of unusual forms, use black, scarlet or orange table-cloth, find a skull and put it on the table. All elements should correspond with the holiday interior palette.

стол интерьер квартиры хэллоуин

украшение квартиры на хэллоуин

серивировка столя для хэллоуина

It is no problem today to buy multicolored dishes, even with all Halloween attributes applied. And don’t forget about candles. Ancient candelabrums will be perfect for decoration.

сервировка столы хэллоуина

As for the Halloween food, search receips in the Internet. For instance, cook pastries in the form of torn off fingers or eatable brain. All you need to do is to think about how to astonish your guests.

And don’t forget about temperance. As you need to frighten evil away but not your friends.

украшение столя для хэллоуина

интерьер спальни на хэллоуин

интерьер квартиры хэллоуина

стол на хэллоуин

декор хэллоуин

украшение офиса на хэллоуин

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