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Is it time to refresh your build-in wardrobe or a checkroom? Make them better dressed! Even if everything is in an ideal order inside, why don’t you add some style to the exterior?

1) Replace the door by the curtains


You can decorate the entrance to your wardrobe with the curtains that will completely change the common impression of a room. Get rid of this dull door and replace it by streamy fabric – your dwelling‘s atmosphere will get an intimate romantic shade. Selecting pattern and color of the curtains, you can emphasize your room’s individual style or even completely change it.

2) Use wallpapers

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Be original, use wallpapers to make your wardrobe or checkroom’s door less unoriginal. Paper the entire door or just a part of it. You can use identical wallpapers or combine several types of them to create your own unique design. Switch on your imagination! It is easy to glue wallpapers so everybody can do this by own strength.

3) Paint the door

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Don’t be afraid to stain your hands – use paints! If you know what to do with a brush, you can use stencils and create your own original patterns. The door will become a spirit of the neutral room and will make an extravagant dwelling even more extravagant. The door of a build-in wardrobe in a nursery can be decorated with chalkboards. Kids may have fun leaving messages for their friends, making lists of important activities or simply painting on the door.

4) Add mirrors

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Make your room more spacious with the help of a wardrobe mirrored doors. First of all, mirrors are handy. You can look at yourself and smooth your clothes or hair-dress anytime. Second, they visually make the room larger. Besides, during daylight hours they make the room brighter and lighter.

5) Replace door-handles


The quickest, simplest and cheapest way to refresh the door is to select stylish or funny handles. There are a lot of interesting handles you can use to add some style and individuality to your room. They don’t have to be matched with other details, especially in the eclectic style. And this possibly can be the cheapest way to decorate your dwelling.

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