Сrockery ink decoration: master-class

30 November 2015 |

The New Year’s holidays are about to come and we start considering surprises for our family and friends. There is nothing warmer and better than a hand-made gift.

In this master-class we’re going to tell you how to make a cool gift and unique kitchen decor element using ink and a simple white cup or a glass.

You can use this ornament technique even if you’ve never painted ceramics or glass before.

идеи для дома декор

You’ll need:

  • any one-color ceramic cup;
  • alcohol;
  • cotton wool or a piece of clean cotton fabric;
  • two brushes;
  • cocktail tube;
  • ink;
  • fixing agent for ceramics

1. Wash the cup thoroughly using any soap agent, wipe dry and rub external surface with cotton wool dampened with alcohol or any alcohol-containing liquid. Try not to touch the cup after that.

декор для кухни

2. Pour the brush into the alcohol abundantly moistening the place you’re going to apply your future ornament. Take another brush, pour it into the bottle of ink and make a random line on the alcohol one. It is important to make this manipulation as quickly as possible to prevent ink from drying. Avoid the fillet and the places where lips can touch the pattern.

You can use water-diluted acrylic paint or water-colours instead of ink.

идеи декора для кухни

3. Use the cocktail tube to blow the pattern from the ink blot. Do it until you’ll be satisfied with the result.

мастер-класс декор

4. Let the pattern dry. After that cover the surface of the cup with transparent varnish for ceramics or use any other fixing agent. If you choose dyes, bake the pattern in the oven without any additional methods of fixing the ornament.

You can paint glass cups and glasses for water and wine using the same technique. For fragile items apply only cold processing method – avoid high temperatures and ovens.

декор для дня рождения

декор для нового года

идеи и декор

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