Stylish Christmas décor: 10 cheap ideas

10 December 2015 |

We found some cool and cheap variants of Christmas decorations that can be easily made with your own hands. All you need is some imagination and inspiration.

1. Fir wreath

This Christmas attribute can be made absolutely for free. Just go out and find some vine, hips or willow twigs – any flexible ones. Then take some fir twigs, a couple of cones or berries, fix them on the twigs and embellish with a ribbon.

новогодний декор

новогодние украшения

2. Rosemary Christmas tree

If your place is too small for a tall Christmas beauty, make a wall fir of rosemary twigs. In addition, it will smell as a real fir does.

красивый новогодний декор

оригинальные новогодние украшения

Rosemary is also good for decoration of a festive table.

новогодний декор своими руками

новогодние украшения своими рукамийн

3. Bare twigs

Even ordinary bare twigs will be perfect Christmas decorations – all you need is to transform them a little. Take a beautiful can, put the twigs in it, and decorate them with stars cut from metallic paper. Decorate the composition with a small tray or a plate and put a candle beside. If your wish something more beautilful, paint the twigs silver or white.

If you embellish the twigs with a lighting garland, arrange them beautifully on the shelf or a locker, add installation with a nice reproduction of a deer, and you’ll have guaranteed atmosphere of the winter woods.

декор для нового года

4. Paper decor

You can make a beautiful garlands of simple paper trees and switch kids to this interesting process.

недорогой декор для нового года

декор новый год

If you switch your imagination and eagerness, you can even make a cool snowflakes garland using ordinary newspapers.

идеи новогодних украшений

идеи новогоднего декора

красивые идеи новогоднего декора

5. Chalk patterns

If you have a piece of old slate, a dark painted board or a school-board, draw a holiday decoration on it with a chalk. You can embellish the drawing with lanterns, fir twigs, spangle, deer figurines or candles.

новогодние украшения для дома

6. Ice decor

These ice lanterns are made with the help of baloons or two vessels. They are the best for outdoor Christmas decor.

украшения на новый год

как сделать новогодний декор своими руками

7. Let the light shine

Lighting garland is the most universal and efficient Christmas decor. You can embellish nearly any surface with it. For instance, interlace a garland with a thick rope, hang on a mirror or a painting, or simply put the lamps into the transparent bowl.

красивый декор на новый год

декор на новый год

8. Walls

Monochrome walls are great canvases for a festive decor. Watch these photo-examples and they will help you to inspire.

украшения новый год

9. Candles

To make the holidays really magical, use candles around the house. And don’t spend your money on expensive designer’s models – better make them with your own hands.

A bunch of simple white candles in a bucket or a vase will be a stylish and beautiful decor element. You can use a flower pot as a candle-stick, as well as cinnamon sticks bound together or even metal cans.

красивые украшения на новый год

10. Fir twigs

One huge fir twig in a glass vase or a bucket will replace traditional Christmas tree. Small fir twigs in beautiful bottles will be a perfect addition to your home’s Christmas decor. Place them in your kitchen, in a bedroom, in a hall, in a nursery – this will add a special charm to your festive atmosphere.

новогодние украшения для дома

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