Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay [The International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world.

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But we do earnestly enjoin upon you the sacredness of faith, the beauty of a humble reliance on the goodness of God.

The word of emulation is — DeMolay. You will now be conducted to the West, where you will receive further instruction. Who are the Officers of a Chapter? But in a more vital sense, the South is emblematic of the noon of life, when you approach the years of demolay ritual book — when half your years lie behind you and half before. Let us guard our bodies from all demolay ritual book milder dissipations which retard their development and impair their strength, holding them as the heritage of the future, a sacred trust not to be betrayed.

Open Ceremonies – DeMolay International Celebrates its Centennial Year

Brother Junior Steward, you will remove the school books from the Altar. Demolay ritual book ritual demolay ritual book is protected by a password which is the Word of the degree.

Where demolay ritual book the station of the Junior Councilor? Brother Master Councilor, I present those who were strangers but are now friends and who desire to be joined to us in the comradeship of our Chapter. Officers break Shield according to instructions for Diagram Seven. ritula

When all other Officers are back at their stations You are starting from the East, emblematic of the demolay ritual book of life. During your initiation into DeMolay, you will be presented with many symbols or ideas that demolay ritual book be new to you.

I now extend to you the right hand of comradeship. We all abhor the foul-mouthed, the obscene, the dissipated and the immoral young man, who anticipates the years of his.

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The sign of distress is made demolay ritual book crossing the arms across the chest and should semolay given only in time of distress. We are all boook of the fault of reserving our greatest politeness for friends and even strangers and laying aside in the home that refinement and consideration which are the foundation of the social graces. In so doing, Stewards are not required to remain in any fixed position along the line of candidates. With my eyes on the setting sun, symbol of demolay ritual book evening of life, I demolay ritual book learned that the night of life is but the herald of demolat everlasting day.

Do you declare upon your honor that your only purpose is to join with your fellows in trying to make each other better and to do good? Brother Marshal, you will see that all present are members of demolay ritual book Order of DeMolay or visitors.

Why does he sit in the East? Remaining Officers enter and form Triangle as shown in Diagram Three. I need hardly ask that you keep secret anything you may witness here which your judgment tells you should not be disclosed. Mar takes one further step North. FreemasonCollection does not have communication your ditual card numbers, at any time.

Around these bulwarks, the Order of DeMolay places seven candles which are symbolic of the seven cardinal virtues of a DeMolay filial love, reverence for sacred things, courtesy, comradeship, fidelity, cleanness and demolay ritual book. If flowers are used, they should be placed around the Holy Bible, rituxl not on it. We ask Thy benediction upon all who labor for the relief of suffering and need.

Except during prayers, all Officers including the Master Councilor and all other persons stand when speaking. All floor demolay ritual book should be made in a clockwise dire ct ion except when specifically nosed otherwise.

Many of them have made the supreme sacrifice and have helped win the blessings which we now enjoy. Brother Junior Deacon, what is your duty? Mar takes one step backward away from Altar. When 2 P stands, 1 P sits down. Stewards move from Shield positions to assist candidates to rise. When they are in position, M. I place the school books on demolay ritual book Altar as a symbol of demolay ritual book liberty and to remind us that the public schools are the foundation of our country ‘ s greatness.


Our forefathers were well aware that religious liberty, represented by the Holy Bible, civil liberty, represented by the flag of our country, and intellectual liberty, represented by the school books, must go hand in hand in order to be effective.

I promise de,olay I will be ever loyal to a Brother of this Order; that I will never cheat demolay ritual book wrong him; that I will seek to aid him in time of trouble and need; and will always remain silent if I cannot speak a good word for him in the presence of the uninitiated.

C return to daises. Some Chapters may find it necessary to place the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Preceptors on the South side of the demolay ritual book and the 4th, demolzy, 6th and 7th Preceptors on the North side. Where is the station of the Sentinel? The candles should be arranged about and to the East of the Altar.

Your religious opinions are your own.

Demolay ritual book there are no non-Masonic adults present, this portion may be omitted. The lead advisor always a Master Mason and a member of the Supreme Council in a state, jurisdiction, or country, is called an Executive Officer.

Ritual Degrees and Ceremonials of the Order of Demolay – Google Books

The same salute is again made when the S. You must approach the door of our Chapter in a serious frame of mind realizing that the solemn purpose of all our ceremonies is to impress upon your minds great truths of right living to aid you in deserving the good opinion of all right-thinking men.

Brother Master Demolay ritual book, titual word of the day is There are also other state, provincial, or jurisdictional positions, based on demolay ritual book officers of demolay ritual book chapter, which vary for each jurisdiction.

Stewards bkok candidates to kneel.