The hieroglyphic writing developed by the Maya of Central America and southern Mexico was probably the foremost .. Manuscrit Troano. Études Colección de documentos ineditos para la historia de España, LVII, LVIII. In the three Maya manuscripts, in the Codex Troano above all, the signs .. in Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta, Coleccio’n de documentos para la. The Madrid Codex (also known as the Tro-Cortesianus Codex or the Troano Codex) is . “El códice madrid, un viejo documento revela nuevos secretos” ( PDF).

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On page II Tro. While at this work they wore a peculiar head-covering, apparently a kind of matting. They were ten or twelve yards long, and were gath- ered together in folds, like a palm leaf.

As heretofore stated, the greater number of the day columns contain just five characters.

Madrid Codex (Maya) – Wikipedia

Although, as I say, they are no longer in the Maya letters, they contain quite a number of ideograms, as the signs of the days and the months, and occasional cartouches and paintings, which show that they were made to resemble the ancient manuscripts as closely as possible. The second step is where a conventional image is employed to represent the sound of its first syllable. These, it may be reasonably expected, will be found to describe the subject matter maa Maya history; that is, they probably set forth the nature of the events which took place on the dates recorded.

That Bras- seur has paged these plates in exactly the reverse order to what they should be, I think is evident from the fol- lowing document For the year 11 Cauac we must look to the Cauac column. Suppose the last day of a certain year to be 9 Lamat, tgoano gives 9 Kan as the year; the next year would be 10 Muluc, the next 11 Ix, the last of the lustre. If we run through this second year in tlie same way, commencing it with 2 Muluc followed by 3 Oc, 4 Chuen, and so on, we shall trroano that the third year will begin with 3 Ix; continuing this j rocess we ascertain that the fourth commences with 4 Cauac, the fifth with 5 Kan, the sixth with 6 Muluc, the seventh with 7 Ix, the eighth with 8 Cauac, the ninth with 9 Kan, the tenth with 10 Muluc, the eleventh with 11 Ix, the twelfth with 12 Cauac, the thirteenth with 13 Kan, the foui-teenth with 1 Muluc, the fifteenth with 2 Ix, and so on.

If we examine the tables carefully we will observe that after reaching the second’ figure, — 3, — in the Muluc column, the next figure in the adjoining column, is 6, and from thence to 8 the same as on the plate. They had removed from the northern provinces of the peninsula somewhere aboutprobably in consequence of the wars which followed the dissolution of the confederacy whose capital was the ancient city of Mayapan.


The divisions be- tween the Ahaues are marked on the table by transverse solid black lines. This follows, as will readily be seen, from the fact that 52 is the least common multiple of 4 and 1 3. Cuuao Ahau Ymix Ik Akbal.

Evidence of this should have been given by a table showing the series, and hroano still another table in which should be shown that such an alternating succession did not occur in cycles com- posed of twenty years.

For this purpose I will have to ask the reader to observe carefully Table VI. To be able to decide positively whether this opinion of the Abbe’s was correct or not, would, I felt, be taking one important step toward ascer- taining the contents of this mysterious document, as these day columns form a considerable part of it.

Madrid Codex (Maya)

The book is a vast storehouse of heretofore scattered material, now gathered together for the first time and presented to the student in a readily accessible form. As the authorities to whom Perez refers obtained their information from the Indians, the date was as a matter of course given according to the Maya method of reckoning time; hence the “year 7 Cauac and 8th Ahau” are most likely to be correct.

Examples of Period-ending dates in cycles other than Cycle 9. If I am mistaken in this conclusion, considerable modification in my tabular aiTangement of the years may be necessary, even though the general plan be correct.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. A somewhat careful examination of Seflor Perez’s Cronologia Antigua Table XTI satisfies me that his whole scheme was based upon what he believed to be two established facts: These consist of three days each — Cib, Caban, and Ezanab — and each day has a numeral over it, as follows I give here the exact order in which they stand on the plates, although I have doubts as to the correctness of Brasseur’s paging: Glyphs showing misplacement of the kin coefficient or elimination of a period glyph.

An Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs – Wikisource, the free online library

Ban’s Plate of the Palenqne Tablet Page. The name derives from Chiapan or Tepechiapan, the name of an indigenous population, the term, from Nahuatl, may mean sage seed hill or water below the hill.


Supposing, in scanning a history of the United States, only the dates could be read. Following out this supposition, he is compelled to place the death of Ajpula in the yearthus antedating this event by 43 years. Valentini is not wrong in a number of his identifications. In the manuscript discovered by Perez and translated into English by Stephens from the Spanish translation of the discovererwe find the fol- lowing statement: That the first year of a grand cycle was also the first year of an Ahau.

Closer analysis of glyphic elements suggests that a number of scribes were involved in its production, perhaps as many as eight or nine, who produced consecutive sections of the manuscript.

Ahkinoh; the original has tukinohf which I spspect is an error; it would alter the phrase to mean “In that day there are fathers” or lords, the word yuMf father, being constantly used for lord or ruler. Brasseur mqya Bourbourg has designated the day columns “legends,” believing them to contain a summary of what is written, or represented by the figures in the compartments to which they severally belong.

These groups, each consisting of twenty years, not only fall within the lines marking the Katunes, but come in regular succession, leaving four uncounted years between each two periods — two belonging to yroano and two to that which follows. Spears and arrows if such they be, for there is no figure of a bow in the entire workor darts, are the only implements of warfare shown.

The tun, uinal, and kin coefficients on Stela H, Quirigua. He makes the following interesting observation: London and New York: As proof of this I give here the following examples of exact copies after Landa and the Manuscript: Proclamation Coin of the independent Republic of Guatemala. The papers in which it wjis wrapped bore the name “Perez,” in a Spanish hand of the seventeenth century, and hence the name “Peresianus” was given it.

The Other column, same plate and division, is composed of the characters for Ahau, Docuemnto, Eb, Eza- nab, and Kan, with an interval of six days between each two. Now let us test this result by the two or three additional dates found on record, and which the authorities have failed to make agree with any explanation of the Maya calendar heretofore given.

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