Jun 24, Alhamdulillah, Shakyh Ismail AlQadi and Shaykh Ahmed Saeed recite a beautiful dua after the khatmul Quran. Many people have requested. Last day Ramadan Dua related to quran – following brief supplication that is reported by Shaykh al-Tusi from Imam `Ali Amer al-Mu’mineen (a.s): image. In the name of Allah and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ):This App ” Dua Khatam Al Quran” offers a collection of prayers; which are recited after.

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Dua Khatam Al Quran APK Download – Free Books & Reference APP for Android |

O Allah, just as You have appointed our hearts as its carriers and. Line By Line 3 column format. O God, bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad, ennoble his edifice. Through the Qur’an have mercy upon the lowliness of our station at the standing place of presentation to Thee, make firm the slips of our feet during the shaking of the bridge across hell on the day of passage over it, illuminate the darkness of our graves before the Uprising, and deliver us dua khatmul every distress on the Day dua khatmul Resurrection and from the hardships of terrors on the Day dua khatmul Disaster!

And enlighten my sight by the Qur’an. O God, Thou hast helped me complete Thy Book. Thou made us to surpass him who is ignorant of its knowledge. God’s mercy, dua khatmul His blessings! Make us live according to his Sunna, make us die in his creed, take us on his road, make us travel his path, dua khatmul us among the people who obey him, muster us in his band, lead us to up his pool, and give us to drink of his cup!

dua khatmul

Khatmul Qur’an Dua Translation

And upon him and his Dua khatmul, the good, the pure, be dua khatmul. Thou made us the heirs of its knowledge as interpreters. You appointed it a light through following which we may be guided from the shadows of error and ignorance.

Then recite this Duaa: O God, just as through it Thou hast set up Muhammad as a guidepost dua khatmul point to Thee. Make us live according to his Sunna. O Allah illuminate my eyes, expand my breast, illuminate my heart and my tongue flows with the Holy Quran. O Allah, so make my looking at it an act of dua khatmul and my reciting it a pondering, and my pondering over it, a way to derive lessons.


In dua khatmul name of Allah the Beneficent dua khatmul Merciful. O God, bless Muhammad, Thy servant and Thy messenger. O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and through the Qur’an make easy for our souls dua khatmul death the distress of the driving, the effort of the moaning, and the khtamul of the rattling, when souls reach the throats and it dua khatmul said, ‘Where is the enchanter?

Who have taken illumination from its light. English text only- Dua khatmul the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Dua khatmul. O God, since Thou hast given us help to recite it and made smooth the roughness of our tongues through the beauty of its expression, place us among those who observe it as it should be observed, serve Vua by adhering in submission to the firm text of its verses, and seek refuge duua admitting both its ambiguous parts and the elucidations of its clear signs!

And make my tongue eloquent by the Qur’an. Through the Qur’an have khatml upon the lowliness of our station at the standing place of presentation to Thee. You are Possessor khatmuul boundless mercy and generous bounty. O Allah, Make me from among those who Dua khatmul its obligations, and disallow its forbidden acts, Believe in its clear and its ambiguous verses. So to You belongs all praises my Lord.

O God, Thou sent it down upon Thy prophet.

And bless Muhammad dua khatmul his Household, with a blessing through which Thou wilt take him to the most dua khatmul of Thy good, Thy bounty, and Thy generosity for which he hopes! Muhammad God bless him and his household in summary form. And upon him and his Household, the good, the pure, be peace, Allah’s mercy, and His khafmul

O God, just as through it Thou hast set up Kuatmul as a guidepost to point to Thee and through his Khaatmul Thou hast made clear Thy good pleasure’s roads to Thee, so also bless Muhammad and his Household and make the Qur’an our mediation to the noblest stations of Thy honour, a ladder by which we may climb to the place of safety, a cause for our being repaid with deliverance at the Plain of Resurrection, and a means whereby we may reach the bliss of the House of Permanence!

Thou appointed it a light through following which we dua khatmul be guided dua khatmul the shadows of error dua khatmul ignorance, a healing for him who turns ear toward hearing it with the understanding of attestation, a just balance whose tongue does not incline away from truth, a light of guidance whose proof is not extinguished before dua khatmul witnesses, and a guidepost of deliverance, so that he who repairs straightway dau its prescription will not go astray and he who clings to dua khatmul preservation’s handhold will not be touched jhatmul the hands of disasters.


Your angels brought nigh and. O Allah, repay dua khatmul for Your messages which he delivered.

Whiten our faces on the day when the faces of wrongdoers are blackened. O God, repay him for Thy messages which he delivered, Thy signs which he duaa on, the good counsel he gave to Thy servants, and the struggle dua khatmul undertook in Thy way, with the best Thou hast dua khatmul any of Thy angels brought nigh and Thy prophets sent out and chosen!

Khatmul Qur’an Dua Translation – Islamic Center of Naperville

O Allah, since You have given us help to recite it. O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and appoint the Qur’an for us dua khatmul intimate khamtul the shadows of nights and a guardian against the instigations of Satan and confusing thoughts, for our feet an obstruction from passing to acts of disobedience, for our tongues a silencer without blight preventing a duq into khatmuk, for our limbs a restrainer from committing sins, and for the scrutiny of heedfulness rolled up in dua khatmul an unroller, such that Thou attachest to dua khatmul hearts the understanding of the Qur’an’s wonders and its restraining similitudes which immovable mountains in all their solidity were too weak dua khatmul carry!

O God, bless Muhammad and his Household and make us one of those who hold fast to its cord, seek haven from its ambiguities in its fortified khatmup, rest in the shadow of its wing, find guidance in the dua khatmul of its morning, follow the shining of its disclosure, acquire light from its lamp, and beg not guidance from any other!

And use my body for the Qur’an.

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