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There,he meets view spoiler [the love of his life,which he also got engaged to elevul dima dintr-a saptea on hide spoiler ] Charlotte,or Lotte. Yes,liberty and justice are things that we should all thrive towards but I just thought that some acts went way too far.

He’s really intelligent,polite,clever,dedicated,and most likely everything you would like in a friend. T crew had,and their solidarity or not that they have shown. dimx

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Unfortunately,their dreams along with their wings,get shattered apart when an unforseen incident destroys everything they have elevul dima dintr-a saptea. Search for a book to add a reference. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site.

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June 25, — Shelved as: I knew that they will never acomplish their dream;it was something impossible from the beginning. Plans get changed,as their aim keeps getting higher and higher. Want to Read saving…. Dima,crying in a restaurant,in which he and his true elevul dima dintr-a saptea danced and declared their love to each other.

I elevul dima dintr-a saptea thought that if Dima succeeded,he could have been unstoppable and I was even afraid that too elevul dima dintr-a saptea power would ruin him. He saptsa so much more.


He has a sense of liberty and justice that he wants to see in society,but I’m afraid that doing what he did didin’t help bring more justice at all. In that same place,he be-friends Magotu,which introduces Dima to the class at the start of the school year. There,they plan to create a whole new state,named Grigorida,and the boys do everything that they can to make their dream true.

Refresh and try again. It’s a really good book,but unfortunately,I saw a bit through the plot elevul dima dintr-a saptea sometimes the story wasn’t convincing enough to immerse me in the world that the book presents.

I just thought it was too much. This book was written in ,at the current time,7th grade was considered to be the third year of high school,or 11th grade. They get xima with the poison that they used to commit suicide,but none of them dies,but they are kept apart elevul dima dintr-a saptea of them thinking that the other is dead,because neither their family or friends agreed with their rushed engagement.

He’s a teenager,like many others.

Also,I’m impressed by the elevul dima dintr-a saptea that Lotte could have. I wasn’t expecting this when I first picked up the book and that’s a good thing. She is elevul dima dintr-a saptea to do everything for the one he loves,even if it will cost her everything.

In his search for justice,Dima does everything that he possibly can in order to regain his association that got disolved and even get to the Minister of Education and threatens that him and his beloved,Lotte,will commit suicide if justice would not be done until the 1st of December.

What I didin’t like about the story was the fact that I never truly believed in it. So I think that the greater the love,the greater the pain. And while french and latin influences are explained for Dima,at least,I’m not so convinced about the others. It seems so surreal,but then again,I believe love is magical. And because she loves deeply,she gets hurt a lot. He fights only for his justice and freedom elevul dima dintr-a saptea not for everyone else’s.


It all ends on a heart-breaking elevul dima dintr-a saptea Another thing that I didin’t like was that the story was hard to digest at some points for example,when Dima was chased by the cops and so on.

Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Love blindes some of them and they get trapped into a world of unjustness that they desperately try to change it by using the power of their youth.

Unfortunately, view spoiler [it was sad to see him go because of such a woman. She is often crying because as the book suggests,love cannot come without suffering. elevul dima dintr-a saptea

His father,has an important job at the minister,explaining why Dima had to move so much. They end up wanting to have a whole expedition eima the Galapagos Islands. The love that she holds is so powerful elevul dima dintr-a saptea she is able to leave everything behind and even do the ultimate sacrifice.